This Tarot Spread describes the current situation at work, and the opportunities to  get a new job.


1,2  – Characteristic of a situation
3 –  relationships with subordinates
4 – relationships with colleagues of equal rank
5  – relationship with superiors
6 –   earning
7 –   approach to his job
8 –   opportunity to  get a new job (or open a new business) during interested period


Foe example

1,2 – The Hermit, The Lovers

3 – The Fool

4 – Justice

5 – The Hierofant

6 – Strength

7 –The Magician

8 – Wheel of fortune

1,2 –  Client is looking for a new job, partnerships are very important for him

3 – Client haven’t subordinates

4 – Relationships with colleagues of equal rank are formal, smooth

5- Client’s superiors help him, and if necessary give advices

6 – Client earning money actively and hard working

7 – Client works creatively and skillfully, he likes his work and enthusiastically performs duties

8- It‘s looks like in future client will use the opportunity to change the job
Create your own interpretation of this situation or add to given above


Tarot Spread – Will I Meet My  Love






























This spread   consider opportunity of   new contacts and developing of relationships.

Time interval is from 3 months to a year.

1 – Will the meeting take place at the desired time?

2 – How or under what circumstances the meeting will take place?

3 – The nearest perspectives

4 – The ideal of the client

5 – The further development of relationships

6 – The past of the client

7 – The present of the client

8 – Prospects in life in general

9 – What it is necessary to change the meeting will occur or will occur faster

For example


1 – The Chariot

2 –  The High Priestess

3 –  The Fool

4 – Justice

5 – Wheel of fortune

6 –The Emperor

7 –The Magician

8 – The Hierophant

9 –  The Hermit


At the desired time the meeting will undoubtedly take place (Chariot)
The meeting will take place  suddenly, your partner  will take the initiative . Most likely, the meeting will be happen in a place where you like to rest of communication and hard work. But the card says that the meeting will not happen so fast. It will be happen when you do not expect it. (The High Priestess)
The immediate future (The Fool) – you will be active, you will have a series of meetings, including the unexpected, a lot of friendly parties.

Your ideal (Justice) – we can say that you are looking for well-balanced person, responsible for his actions, wishing to marry.
in the past client was devoted to social life and career (The Emperor)

Present period also shows great social activity and the development of professional skills, but the man does not limit himself only by work, but also  communicate with loved ones people.(The Magician)

Life perspective – person in any case will meet soul mate and create a family(The Hierophant)

What is necessary  to change (Hermit)  – it is advisable to communicate with people and  do not withdraw into yourself



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