Significator is a card that represents  the Querent (the person we are reading for)

If we do Tarot reading without querent beside, we can put separately his significator – doing so we denote ritual his presence.
If the significator appeared in any position of the spread, it is an indication that the area, which dscribes this position is very important for the Querent. For example, significator  is in a position that shows the area of finance. This means that the financial affairs of a person  is very important at the moment  for him.
There are several different methods for deciding on the appropriate card to represent the Querent.


Here is one of the easiest
If you choose the significator to the men:
1  select from the deck cards of kings and knights
2 – Mix and place them in two rows of 4 cards
3 – ask the person to concentrate and select the two cards
4 –  ask the person to choose one of them,

It  will be the significator.
If you choose a card-significator for a woman:

1Select from the deck  four cards of Queens,

2 mix and place them in one row

3 – ask the person to concentrate and select the two cards
4 –  ask the person to choose one of them,

It  will be the significator
If you choose the significator for a men to 21-23 years, repeat the same with four cards of Pages


Next method depends on knowing the Zodiac sign of your Querent. Also, you will need to know which element is associated with each suit in the deck of Tarot cards that you are using. For example, for women of Air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you can choose Queen of Swords as significator. For men of water element (Canser, Scorpio, Pisces) you can choose King of cups.


Using the Court cards you can also create a psychological portrait of a man, which  can help to Querents  better understand themselves.
In order to make the necessary psychological matrix
1 Select  from the deck 16  Court cards , which are 4 page-boy, 4 knights, 4 Queens and 4  Kings
2- mix and place cards in a square 4 x 4
3 ask to choose any four cards
4-arrange cards in a row, from left to right, in the order of the Querent chose


1 card  corresponds to the element of Fire (Wands), and talks about how  do people see the  Querent and how he is active
2  card corresponds to the element of Water (cups) and shows the emotions of the Querent and  how  he expresses them,
3 card – corresponds to the element of Air (Swords) and talks about the style of thinking and communication rights.
4 – corresponds to the element of earth (pentacles)  and shows the practicality of a Querent


For example, such cards for women


1 – Queen of Wands

2 –  Queen of Swords

3 –  King of Swords

4 – Page of pentacles


1 – We can suggest that others see her as glamorous, beautiful, active, cheerful woman.
2  – The card of Queen of Swords says that inside  woman  is  very resolute, and before expressing her emotions, she thinks through how to do it
3  – The card of King of Swords  suggests that a woman can make decisions and takes responsibility for her words and thoughts
4- The card of Page  of Pentacles suggests that a woman can earn money with her skills and knows how to handle money.






This tarot spread is good because affects different aspects of human life. According to it, we can easily identify the most exciting theme for a man, as well as help to see the possible developments in various areas of life.

In practice, this layout indicates the duration of the events from one to six months.

In order to describe the events of the period of the year, it is desirable to do the tarot reading in the first seven days after the birth of the querent.


1 – the person, interests

2 – money, shopping, losses, possible debts, earnings etc.

3 – relatives, neighbors; the pets, close travel, daily mutual relations

4 – real estate (sale purchases, repairs, a real estate condition), the family (are there feelings)

5 –  the romantic passion of the person; children – mutual relations with children; creativity; gambling, speculation,

6 – a workplace, mutual relations with colleagues,  job changes, also health problems

7 – partnership, marriage, business partnership

8 – sex; problems of health, occult activities; the inheritance

9 – long-distance travel; religion, spiritual work, higher education

10 – career, in general professional development

11 – plans, events that will occur the next two months

12 – secret communications; health problems, occult studies , that limits the person



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