1 – Practice


How to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations
There are different ways of cards compounds reading in Tarot Spreads.
There are spreads, where the event is described by the one card, there are spreads, where events are described by two or three cards. On the correct  interpretation of the card or cards depends  how well you will  describe the event.
We‘ll begin with an analysis of one card (with layouts, where the analysis is performed on one card) One card can help describe the situation, emotions, expectations, behavior, etc.
You can use one card for the analysis of the day.
The one card tarot spread –   My day
In the morning Ask yourself “What will be my day?” and pull out one card
First, describe the emotional background and the activity of the day. Then describe the different possible events, which can occur by this card.
In the evening analyze the events that took place and compare them with your description.


For example,
you pulled out The Magician’s card.
Possibly the day will be active and full of communication. You’ll not only plan, but also negotiate with other people. In the future, obtained information can help you to realize your plans. It is also possible to obtain information on courses or in a conversation with a specialist.
To get the answer,, What will be my day?’’ you can use 3 cards and get more information
1 – A general description of the day-
2 – major events for the day
3 –   advice



For example

Today you pulled out   the following cards
1 – The Magician
2- The Fool
3 –  The Emperor

The Magician – The day will be very active, dynamic,  there  will be a lot of communication, which will  help in the implementation of plans.
The Fool – During the day you may have a variety of situations and unplanned meetings, which will greatly help you.
The Emperor – The advice of this day – regardless of the occurrence of unscheduled meetings and other events, try to complete what was planed for today
Create your own version of the interpretation of those  cards  or fill up the given interpretation.



While studying of Major Arcana cards, every morning ask yourself :,,what will be my day?”,  and pull out one of the Major Arcana cards (from the ones you have learned) . After examining the values ​​of all the Major Arcana cards, the cards are selected from all the Major Arcana.
In the evening analyze and write to a notebook those events of the day, which you think are appropriate to the card’s value.



Outer and inner self of man
It is believed that the outer self of man – it is his style of behavior by which he evaluated by surrounding, inner self – man‘s inner world, his   main features
Using the following two-cards Tarot spread , we can determine how surrounding  see a person , and what he  actually is.

Card No.1 – will show the inner self

Card No.2 – will show the outer self
For example
Hierophant-Fool – a man has an extensive spiritual and life experience, with already established system of values, but outwardly he shows the curiosity for new things, likes to joke and act playfully.
find such combinations of cards, that will point to the the harmony between internal and external image the inner and outer Self.


The Tarot spread – Event‘s characteristic

1 – Characteristic of a situation
2 – what will interfere in the situation
3 – what  will be the worst in a situation
4  – what will assist in the situation
5 – what will be the best  in the situation























2 – Practice


The Tarot Spread JOB


This Tarot Spread describes the current  situation at work, and the opportunities to  get a new job.
1,2  – Characteristic of a situation
3 –  relationships with subordinates
4 – relationships with colleagues of equal rank
5  – relationship with superiors
6 –   earning
7 –   approach to his job
8 –   opportunity to  get a new job (or open a new business) during interested period
























Foe example

1,2 – The Hermit, The Lovers

3 – The Fool

4 – Justice

5 – The Hierofant

6 – Strength

7 –The Magician

8 – Wheel of fortune

1,2 –  Client is looking for a new job, partnerships are very important for him

3 – Client haven’t subordinates

4 – Relationships with colleagues of equal rank are formal, smooth

5- Client’s superiors help him, and if necessary give advices

6 – Client earning money actively and hard working

7 – Client works creatively and skillfully, he likes his work and enthusiastically performs duties

8- It‘s looks like in future client will use the opportunity to change the job
Create your own interpretation of this situation or add to given above


Tarot Spread – Will I Meet My  Love


This spread   consider opportunity of   new contacts and developing of relationships.

Time interval is from 3 months to a year.

1 – Will the meeting take place at the desired time?

2 – How or under what circumstances the meeting will take place?

3 – The nearest perspectives

4 – The ideal of the client

5 – The further development of relationships

6 – The past of the client

7 – The present of the client

8 – Prospects in life in general

9 – What it is necessary to change the meeting will occur or will occur faster

For example
























1 – The Chariot

2 –  The High Priestess

3 –  The Fool

4 – Justice

5 – Wheel of fortune

6 –The Emperor

7 –The Magician

8 – The Hierophant

9 –  The Hermit


At the desired time the meeting will undoubtedly take place (Chariot)
The meeting will take place  suddenly, your partner  will take the initiative . Most likely, the meeting will be happen in a place where you like to rest of communication and hard work. But the card says that the meeting will not happen so fast. It will be happen when you do not expect it. (The High Priestess)
The immediate future (The Fool) – you will be active, you will have a series of meetings, including the unexpected, a lot of friendly parties.

Your ideal (Justice) – we can say that you are looking for well-balanced person, responsible for his actions, wishing to marry.
in the past client was devoted to social life and career (The Emperor)

Present period also shows great social activity and the development of professional skills, but the man does not limit himself only by work, but also  communicate with loved ones people.(The Magician)

Life perspective – person in any case will meet soul mate and create a family(The Hierophant)

What is necessary  to change (Hermit)  – it is advisable to communicate with people and  do not withdraw into yourself
This spread helps to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the situation and make the right decision.




The combination of two cards
There are layouts, in which the two cards at once describes the situation
To learn how to describe the situation under the two cards we need to understand one of the cards combination principle.
1 – describe the situation in general
2 –  describe the situation in detail, using the  cards meanings ,depending on the sphere  (business, relationships, health etc.)


For Example –  the situation describes the Fool‘s  and Magican‘s  Cards
1 – we have to take out one word  from a total meanings of Fool‘s card (for example, new), and one word from the total meanings of MAgican‘s  card (for example, study) linking   these words we have an event – a new study
2, we can refine this event, just taking more words from meanings ​​of the cards, for example, there was a sudden decision to study, and the man overcame the fear of learning  by effort of will, etc.
The combination of two cards shows not one but several different events. As long as you exercise to combine the cards, you need to see as many interpretations of the events as you can.


Describe the situation and person by the following cards:

The Magician and The Fool

The High Priestess and The Emperor

The Magician and the Emperor



3 – Practice

a combination of three cards


Last time we learned how to combine two cards to one event.

In the same way we can combine three cards in one event.  We have to take one word from each card‘s general meanings and combine them.  This method has certain conditions:

1 – the event must demonstrate by  all three cards. If two cards easy interpret the event, but the third not, we must find such meaning for each card, which bind within the meaning of all three cards

2 – if the card depicts  people, it means  that into  situation involved people and they can be described using the meanings of cards.

3 – we have to read cards from left to right

4 – future events will show the third (right) card


Example No 1
The Hermit, The Fool, The Lovers
For example, we have obtained – Searching of new feelings,

The third card is The Lovers, so we can say that a person has a chance to find new feelings and this can occur spontaneously, perhaps at a party (The Fool)


Example No2

The Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Emperor

Interpretation: The successful appointment

A successful mounting in the new position

Example No3

The Hanged man, Justice, The Emperor


Interpretation : a delay of an appointment
Because the last card is the Emperor, we can say that the person will get the appointment, but not soon

But if on the cards formed as follows:
Justice, The Emperor and  The Hanged man, Looking at  the last card we can say that the situation remains in limbo, suspended and the  person probably will not get the appointment.


Example No. 4
Death, The High Priestess, The Empress

If the Death card located between two cards, it shows that the event, which describe the card in front of the Death  card, is completed. And will take place the event, which shows the card, lying after the Death card.

If we look at these three cards from the perspective of relations, we obtain the following event:  Secret (The High Priestess) Transformation (Death) Open feelings (The Empress)
That is, the secret is revealed. We can say that the secret relationship became public. Because the final card is the Empress, people began to meet openly, or have admitted to each other in love.

Create your own versions of events by given cards.



Tell about the events that will occur according to the given cards

The Fool, The High Priestess, The Lovers

The Magician, Justice, The Emperor

The Wheel of Fortune, The Chariot, The Hierophant

The Hermit, Strength, The Emperor





This tarot spread is used to analyze the psychological qualities and capacities, helps to understand the psycho-emotional world of a man. Layout has been widely adopted. It is used to create a common psychological portrait of a man. Also it is used for selection of personnel for certain positions (helps to assess a person’s abilities).  This layout allows you to get to know better your partner and yourself.
















1,2 – Condition of the client at present

3 – Emotional condition of the client

4 – Intellectual potential of the client, a style of thinking

5 – The material situation of the client

6 – Short –terms future events (1, 5 months)

7 – Situations in which the client has got used to be (that is pleasant)

8 – Situations which the client tries to avoid, (which are not pleasant to the client)

9 – What badness can bring the client to others?

10 – What goodness can bring the client to others?



1,2 – The Chariot, The Emperor

3 – The High Priestess

4 – Strength

5 – The Wheel of Fortune

6 – The Hermit

7 – The Lovers

8 – The Hierophant

9 – The Devil

10 – The Fool


The current situation (The Chariot, The Emperor) can be connected with climbing the career ladder, and also indicates that the person knows what he wants and actively pursuing his goals.

The High Priestess says about the rich inner emotional world, which a man hides from the others.

Strength shows a passionate, strong style of thinking

The Wheel of Fortune says about a very favorable period to improve financial situation.

The Hermit says that in the near future a person will be thinking a lot, and maybe will go into a short business trip

The Lovers tells us that man likes to be in situations where the apparent feelings of love and other positive emotions, in beautiful places, where there is a possibility of equal partnership

The card of the Hierophant says that the man does not like authority,

The card of The Devil says that the man can manipulate others from time to time.

The Fool says that the person can surprise others. He likes to risk. Often offers people with new ideas and shows them to have non-standard solutions.








This tarot spread can be used when the negotiations are waiting for you. This may be not only business negotiations, as well as negotiating with your friend, lover or beloved. Layout helps assess in advance the trend of negotiations and potential results.























1,2 – Essence of a question (about what negotiations)

3,4-  What partners hide

5,6 – What partners declare openly

7,8 – What are ready to abandon

9,10 –  Goals-participants in the negotiations

11 – How to behave at negotiations for our client

12 – What it is not necessary to do

13,14  – What each of the sides will receive as a result

15 –  The general result of negotiations



4 – Practice




To work efficiently with the client during the divination session, you need to provide the information which you have read from the cards correctly. That’s why it is necessary to understand client’s psychological characteristics. There are many methods to determine the psychological type. Here’s one of them.

The Major Arcanum cards describe the spiritual, psychological world, so they can help us to identify human’s psychological type. We will get 22 psychological types.

Next we will see the distinctive features of each psychological type, features of consultations with each of them, and so-called dangers, that is, cases in which consultation will be unsuccessful.

To set the client’s psychological type we have to chose 22 Major Arcana cards out of the deck, then focus in the mind and ask ourselves ,,What is the client’s psychological type? “. Then pull out a card.




Client is ready for information; it is easy to communicate with him. You can communicate with a variety of topics.

The style of communication is as equals.

Danger – client’s frivolous attitude for received information. The client   can forget what has been said, so you have to summarize the divination for him.



The client does not use past experience, he is very curious, wants to know meanings of one or another card.

The style of communication is as equals. It is necessary to propose to look at his situation together.

Danger – is   too much freedom for the client.



Client’s type – the mysterious, clearly unaware of the situation he wants to know.

The style of communication is to withdraw from client.  It should be noted to the client the uniqueness of his situation.

Danger – don’t show the main point of the problem.



Client’s type – he is master of the situation.  Client behaves as if everything depends on him. He needs to be approved by the words – ,, a lot depends on you, you can solve the problem.’’

The style of communication is as equals, showing friendship and respect.

Danger – too much exalt the client.



Client’s type – self-confident, believes that he is always right, does not want anything to change.

The style of communication is formal, rigorous. It is necessary to clarify what will happen if he doesn’t make changes.

Danger – the client can remain (stay) with his own opinion.



Client’s type complicated, omniscient, wants to demonstrate his knowledge.

The style of communication – allow him to speak, and when you will notice inaccuracy information, you have  to intervene and offer a deeper look at the problem.

Communication style – scientific,   use terms of the client.

Danger – the client may have a lot of knowledge.




Client‘s type –is disturbing. He wants to shift someone the decision of his problems.

The style of communication is distanced. Do not enter into friendly contact.

Danger – the identification with the client’s problems.




Client‘s type – exacting, demanding, isn’t ready to listen to the negative information.

The style of communication is distanced. You need to show the moments where the client is invited to accept the existence of ordinary things.

Danger is to concede to the client.




Client‘s type is aggressive, ambitious.

The style of communication is authoritative.  At first you have to recognize his authority, and then to show your own. You must to be very self- possessed, because this client can provoke a scandal.

Danger – scandal



Client‘s type is closed, full of himself, seeks to communicate as equals, but with the authoritative person. Talking with him are important such themes, as spirituality, esotericism.  It is necessary to give the chance to him to speak on these themes.

Danger is a very short consultation.



Client‘s type is hasty.

The style of communication – at first authoritative, then as equals.

Danger – fast changing of themes can lead to the fact that the client can forget about what  he was asking.



Client‘s type – strict, tries to estimate work (and everything). He likes to say,, yes, I knew that this would happen”

The style of communication – authoritative. It is necessary to force the client to state estimation to himself. For that you can ask such questions as ” how well do you think about yourself in this situation?” and etc.

Danger is to give the initiative to the client.



The client – guilty, wants to be convinced that he isn’t guilty. He can understand that councils are correct, but difficultly agree.  He is searching for the new values in life, finds them, but wants him to have confirmed this.

The style of communication is confidential.  The client is ready to follow recommendations, because he to doesn’t trust himself, the authority is necessary to him.

Danger- to let the client down on a false way, so you need to avoid authoritativeness and ask to repeat the received information in his own words



The client is a person in the course of very serious changes.

It is important to alleviate his condition. It is necessary to show him that the future exists.  Speak with him about several variants of his future.

The style of communication is client’s switching, then as equals.

Danger is in increasing of negative condition of the client.



Client‘s type is quiet.

The style of communication is as equals. The client is the quick-witted person, who wants to analyze of an old problem and searches in the fortuneteller of dialogue.

Danger is the tightened and fruitless consultation




Client‘s type is unusual. He can be a fortuneteller or the parapsychologist.

The style of communication is the same which offers the client.

There can be provocative questions from the client

Danger is the risk of hit in psychological dependence on the client.



Client‘s type – irascible, causes on a bet. It is important to avoid sharp angles.

The style of communication is tolerating, official.

Danger –scandal.



Client’s type is torn off from a reality, dreaming person.

The style of communication –client’s switching. During the dialogue client have to speak about essential, actual problems.

Danger is to succumb to charm of the client.



Client’s type is hypochondriac, doubting, maybe addicted to bad habits. He is sure, that everything is always bad.  It is difficult to convince otherwise.

The style of communication – client’s switching. It is necessary to force him to think about his own mistakes.

Danger is to frighten the client even more




Client‘s type – positive, knowing what he wants. The person realizes his own possibilities.

The style of communication is as equals. It is necessary to show to the client not only his positive sides, but and negative too.

Danger is to make friends with the client.



Client’s type – reflective, may have a sense of guilt.

Communication’s style – a confidential, delicate, but you need to keep some distance from the client. You have to show to the client not only his, but other’s errors.

Danger – the client can remain with his own opinion that he is guilty.



Client’s type – very sociable, erudite.

The style of communication – as equals. Consultation reminds an exchange of experience.

Danger – it is unclear who is adviser




5 – Practice





The Significator And The Psychological Matrix Of Man
Significator is a card that represents  the Querent (the person we are reading for)

If we do Tarot reading without Querent beside, we can put separately his significator – doing so we denote ritual his presence.
If the significator appeared in any position of the spread, it is an indication that the area, which dscribes this position is very important for the Querent. For example, significator  is in a position that shows the area of finance. This means that the financial affairs of a person  is very important at the moment  for him.
There are several different methods for deciding on the appropriate card to represent the Querent.


Here is one of the easiest
If you choose the significator to the men:
1  select from the deck cards of kings and knights
2 – Mix and place them in two rows of 4 cards
3 – ask the person to concentrate and select the two cards
4 –  ask the person to choose one of them,

It  will be the significator.
If you choose a card-significator for a woman:

1Select from the deck  four cards of Queens,

2 mix and place them in one row

3 – ask the person to concentrate and select the two cards
4 –  ask the person to choose one of them,

It  will be the significator
If you choose the significator for a men to 21-23 years, repeat the same with four cards of Pages


Next method depends on knowing the Zodiac sign of your Querent. Also, you will need to know which element is associated with each suit in the deck of Tarot cards that you are using. For example, for women of Air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you can choose Queen of Swords as significator. For men of water element (Canser, Scorpio, Pisces) you can choose King of cups.


Using the Court cards you can also create a psychological portrait of a man, which  can help to Querents  better understand themselves.
In order to make the necessary psychological matrix
1 Select  from the deck 16  Court cards , which are 4 page-boy, 4 knights, 4 Queens and 4  Kings
2- mix and place cards in a square 4 x 4
3 ask to choose any four cards
4-arrange cards in a row, from left to right, in the order of the Querent chose


1 card  corresponds to the element of Fire (Wands), and talks about how  do people see the  Querent and how he is active
2  card corresponds to the element of Water (cups) and shows the emotions of the Querent and  how  he expresses them,
3 card – corresponds to the element of Air (Swords) and talks about the style of thinking and communication rights.
4 – corresponds to the element of earth (pentacles)  and shows the practicality of a Querent


For example, such cards for women


1 – Queen of Wands

2 –  Queen of Swords

3 –  King of Swords

4 – Page of pentacles


1 – We can suggest that others see her as glamorous, beautiful, active, cheerful woman.
2  – The card of Queen of Swords says that inside  woman  is  very resolute, and before expressing her emotions, she thinks through how to do it
3  – The card of King of Swords  suggests that a woman can make decisions and takes responsibility for her words and thoughts
4- The card of Page  of Pentacles suggests that a woman can earn money with her skills and knows how to handle money.


6 – Practice



There are times when people need  more deeply analyze their relationships with  partner, husband, wife or  new  acquaintances and find out the prospects of their relationships.
There are many layouts for the analysis of the relationships. We offer one of them. This tarot spread is prominent in the practice of Tarot readings.





After the Querent mixed cards, we ask him to put a deck to the right or left of him. Then  we offer the Querent to remove part of the deck and put on the opposite side. On our left lie the cards , which represent a woman, on  the right – a men.
All positions are arranged mirrored.


1- How relationships look from outside

2- What do people think about each other?

3- What do people show to each other?

4- Feelings to each other (at present)

5-unconscious motives, why are they together?

6- How does the person perceive sexual relationships with the partner?

7- What prevents to be together?

8- What (or who) helps to be together

9 – Events will be happen the next month for both partners?

10 – What do people give to each other?

11- Advice to the client and the future behavior of his partner

12 – Prospects of relationships for the next year or two

13 – The attitude to an opposite sex

14 – What occurs at present?

15,16,17 – What will happen if the situation doesn’t change between  the partners




1 – His thoughts about me
2-his feelings
3 – what is he afraid of
4- what does he want
5 – The prospects of the relationships in the near future
6- remote prospects




















1- The attitude of the Querent to the partner

2- The attitude of the partner to the Querent

3- What will affect their relationships?

4- The prospects of relationships




7 – Practice


The Spread New Business
1 Is the choice of activities correct?

2 – What are the benefits?

3- What are the weaknesses?

4- Are there enough financial resources?

5 is the timing correct?

6 – Near-term prospects

7 what will help

8 what will interfere with

9 – Partners

10 suppliers

11 customers or clients

12 rise or fall in prices for goods

13 advertising

14 – Possible force majeure

15, the presence of competitors

16 – Obtaining of licenses, permits and documentation


to work
1 – how present  work employers
2-   how is it  in reality
3- Promises of salaries
4-What will be actually salaries
5-moral recoil, which promise employers
6   a real moral returns
7-promised prospects
8 real prospects
9  promised prospects for the premises
10 real prospects for the premises
11  identified risks
12 hidden risks
13 What is waiting the Querent ?

14 What he will  really get
15-team , which promise
16-a real team
17 what employers conceal from the Querent
18 What is the matter  of concealing
19, what is the ratio of  employers to the client
20 motivation of the  employers
21- advice

When will I finish the started work?






1 choose significator
2- choose 8 cards from the deck
3 mix 8 cards with the significator
4 decompose cards in a row from left to right
5 cards, that are before the  significator indicate  traveled distance, the cards, that are after the significator show all upcoming cases that need to do to the end of the case


8 – Practice


Timing events in Tarot

The Tarot can give you a time frame for when the events are to take place. To determine when an event will happen, you can pull one card from the deck.

You can consider the following information.

Major  Arcana
The Fool –   2 weeks, if the card  inverted, the events  will o turn the  life upside down
The Magician  – 3 months.
The High Priestess  –  1-year or 40 days
The Empress  – of 1.5-3 months.
The Emperor  – 6 months.
The Hierophant – from 6 months. to a year
The Lovers  – up to 1.5 years
The Chariot –  1.5 months.
Strength –  2-3 months.
The Hermit –  from 3 months to 1 –  2 years
The Wheel of Fortune  – 3 months or 1 year
Judgement  –  3 years, the event returns once every 3-5 months within 3 years
Hanged man  –  from 3 months to2 years
Death –  from a few days to 2 months.
Temperance – from 1.5 to 7 years
The Devil – 1-3 months
The Tower – 1.5 months.
The Star  – 1 year
The Moon  –  1 month
The Sun  – 1 year
Judgement –  2 years
The World  –  from 2-4 months to 2 years
Wands – days, the season – spring
Cups – weeks,  the season –  summer
Swords –  month, the season – autumn

Pentacles – years, the season – winter


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