The practical part consists of 8 sections.

In the section of practice you will learn about the different spreads and their interpretation, meanings of the time on the cards, combination of cards, as well as how to choose a significator, how to determine the psychological type of client and many other things that will help you in your work with a deck of Tarot

Good Luck!

Every mast is made by the principe of 2 Divine Name cycles. Consists of 4 letters: YOD, CHEIT, VAV, CHEIT (the second CHEIT).YOD – active element of fire in the middle of the Divine Name.CHEIT – passive female element of water.

VAV – active male element of air.

CHEIT (the second CHEIT) – passive female element of earth.

Masts develop unequally (from active to passive). Every mast is „placed“on the Tree of Life.


WANDS (pillars)

Fire mast, active element.



General meaning: beginning, source, primordial reason.

Events: display of activeness; initiative; display of the male origin (fire‘s fire); sometimes can depict fire.

Business: the beginning of some activity; prestigious, successful work; creation of something new(for example art either movie); creation with the inspiration; sudden leap of income (however might be not for long).

Relationship: very fiery; the beginning of a relationship; possibility to get pregnant; intercourse itself; this card can show if there is intimate relationship or not.

Health: either very good, or sometimes surplus of fire (fever or high blood pressure).

Psychological characteristics: sensitive; initiative; full of energy; creative; dynamic person.

Advice: undertake the affair; show the initiative.

Warning: do not lose one‘s temper, don‘t rush the events.

Result: an interesting beginning of a new activity awaits for you; boosted, inspired state.


ACE OF WANDS turned upside-down

General meaning: “coolness”; loss of enthusiasm, interest.

Events: loss of speed in the affairs; time of power saving for the furture works.

Business: dicrease of income; recession of production; work of half capacity, inefficient time in a business sphere.

Relationship: weakening in a sexual interest; feelings less intensive than previously, however relationship itself isn‘t bad.

Health: recession of strength; temperature drop, weakening in an process of illness (inflammation).

Psychological characteristics: easy going down of enthusiasm; person is saving strength for a new break-through; hothead however shy person.

Advice: reduce enthusiasm; slow down.

Warning: you have a lack of strength for a new leap, new break-through.

Result: you have spent too much in the previous stage, now you have to save some.



Card name: Lord of Dominion.

General meaning: great plans (like Napoleon‘s); choice of direction.

Events: necessity to chose right strategy; attempt to control the situation.

Business: formation of some plans; management; receipt of permission; consideration of a situation; income matches effort.

Relationship: necessity to overthink if it is worth to continue the relationship; choice from several fans.

Health: necessity to chose right method of treatment (to strategically look at the treatment of the illness).

Psychological characteristics: ambicious and wise person, who likes to chose and make plans, good strategist.

Advice: settle and look around.

Warning: don‘t settle down for a long time; don‘t take time for thinking.

Result: you will have to choose from several options; crossroad.


TWO OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: unwillingness to solve the situation, when it has to be done.

Events: it‘s hard to choose further steps.

Business: there is no clear line of development; acting according to fortune; lack of money; actions without any plan.

Relationship: luck is variable, unstable; wandering from one side to another.

Health: state is variable; mood changes; treatment with unstable fortune.

Psychological characteristics: mood man; hesitant though acts without thinking.

Advice: don‘t plan, nothing can be forseen.

Warning: for further actions only the intuition won‘t be much of a help. Deuce of wands turned upside-down tries to act  according to intuition.

Result: your imagined situation doesnt match the real one.



The meaning of the card: THE LORD OF VIRTUE

General meaning: settlement of new territories; realization of dreams.

Events: new discoveries; new connections and practical adjustment of one‘s possibilities.

Business: business trips; trade; rapid construction; obtainment of temporary and faulty accomodation; knowledge and document filing; putting knowledge into practice; minor trade in the marketplace.

Relationship: common business interests; family business; strong relationship with great perspective though without any special feelings.

Health: exhaustive and detailed diagnostic is necessary, complex treatment.

Psychological characteristics: inquisitive; curious, receptive person.

Advice: take new steps; finish affairs.

Warning: don‘t strain too much after something new; add some romance to your actions.

Result: you shall make a minor discovery.


TREY OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: discovery of something already discovered; lack of dynamics, development.

Events: return to some subject; discovery of new details in the old situation.

Business: reiterative resale of the same thing; return of a thing to owner after a long chain of events.

Relationship: you should take a brand new glance at your partner; attempt to revive the relationship.

Health: chronic cyclic disease.

Psychological characteristic: person who knows how to charm people around him with his acquaitances or tales about the past.

Advice: try to find some new shades of meaning in the old situation.

Warning: don‘t be deceived by the visibility of innovations (novelties are only outer).

Result: nothing new, there is no movement or it is very negligible.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF COMPLETION.

General meaning: obtainment of result.

Events: summary of results; end of a minor cycle.

Business: construction of a good quality, expensive (elite); country (out of town) construction; finnished work; consolidation of a result; celebration, presentation; first good stable income; office.

Relationship: first fruits of a common life (obtainment of accomodation, child birth, common trip; common pleasures).

Health: great, stable, recovery.

Psychological characteristics: person satisfied with his life; knows how to live delicate; knows how to have fun.

Advice: have a rest; take a trip to the nature; celebrate some achievements.

Warnings: do not take new activity while the old one isn‘t celebrated.

Result: you will have great results; results and celebrations.


FOUR OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: prolonged celebration; or a sad celebration; rotten fruits of some work.

Events: failed celebration; final result isn‘t reached.

Business: inadequate income (less then expected); unsuccessful (empty) presentation; change of the office.

Relationship: could be better; does not bring expected fruits.

Health: congratulation comes slower than expected; bad feeling after celebration.

Psychological characteristics: unsatisfied person; growl; showing dissatisfaction; willing for more.

Advice: enough of celebrations; value minor success, existing result.

Warning: results will be lower then expected.

Result: tiring merritments; minor results.



The meaning of the card: THE LORD OF STRIFE

General meaning: symbolizes the intersection of interests of people who have the equal possibilieties and different opinions on the same question; competition; fight.

Events: scrimmage; prolonged conflict.

Business: crisis, as a push to for new cycle; competition and attempt to make severe rules in the market in order to reduce competition.

Relationship: transition to a new period of a relationship however constant problems in a relationship because of who is superior; sometimes fight; sometimes imitation of a fight; development through pain, conflicts.

Health: deterioration of an illness; inflammation processes and minor injuries.

Psychologcal characteristics:  person is irritable, prig, tends to clash, partial to defend one‘s opinion.

Advice: go to an open battle.

Warning: you will have to fight with an equal adversary.

Result: new conquest awaits for you through active actions.


FIVE OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: conflict became fight; rough interpretation of a relationship.

Events: collision with impudence; suppression of a scandal using force.

Business: competition becomes an open fight; sallies of competitors; income that comes through hard way.

Relationship: people cannot agree; someone refuses to descend.

Health: long and hard fight for the recovery

Psychological characteristics: very gross person; grossity is the safety measure.

Advice: show grossity, atrociousness.

Warning: stop at the right time.

Result: keep away from the interpretations of a relationship; you may become an accidental witness of a fight or a participant.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF VICTORY.

General meaning: victory, conquest.

Events: safe position; occupied place under the sun.

Business: firm position; stable income; luck; receipt of awards (people acting in the stage in front of audience).

Relationship: everything is very good; harmony (with V, VI, VII cards of the Minor arcanas – marriage).

Health: great.

Psychological characteristics: winner; person who deserves every respect; person who is very proud of oneself, triumphant.

Advice: finish work until the victory; demonstrate one‘s achievements.

Warning: any achievement must be defended.

Result: time of awards, presents, conquests awaits for you.


SIX OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: put off victory or conquest; incomplete achievement; sometimes failure.

Events: success became defeat.

Business: failed contest; lost out great amount of money; honourable second place.

Relationship: luck revealed its other side.

Health: troubles of complete recovery.

Psychological characteristics: forever second, though is worth more.

Advice: be sattiesfied with the little things.

Warning: success might be incomplete.

Result: by the skin of one‘s teeth to victory.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF VALOUR.

General meaning: defend of one‘s achievements.

Events: fight with the invisible enemy.

Business: hidden competition; defend of one‘s territory; mental fight.

Relationship: blackmail; defence from the blackmail and intrigues.

Health: problems causing threat; weak immune system; hidden illness motion.

Psychological characteristics: person in the position of defense; suspicious person.

Advice: defend one‘s interests.

Warning: you don‘t know your enemies facially.

Result: you will have to fight back the one you don‘t know.


SEVEN OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: exaggerated suspicion.

Events: constant preparation for a fight; exaggerated protection of oneself.

Business: earnings refusal through an exaggerated carefulness; false recognition of the competitor.

Relationship: eternal suspicion in the deception; eternal fear of being chased.

Health: fear, distrust; illness phobia.

Psychological characteristics: too much careful; weird one.

Advice: it‘s better to be careful.

Warning: don‘t get into the fight with non-existing enemies; delusion of being chased.

Result: feeling of threat is bigger then the real threat is.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF SWIFTNESS.

General meaning: inertia; (the background card) shows where the process goes.

Events: long drawn out process; approaching end of the process; everything goes its way.

Business: dash depending on stability; movement which cannot be stopped; a card which is behind the eight of sceptres shows which way the process goes; new opportunities come out; good and fast turnover and of course great money.

Relationship: adjusted; the way relationship is adjusted the result will be; mistakes that can lead to downfall or conversely.

Health: dangerous card. If bad cards are besides – the process is irreversible, and vice versa – recovery.

Psychological characteristics: person is inert; person easily adjusting to circumstances.

Advice: rush; be a hand in the glove with the process or events.

Warning: don‘t disturb the process; don‘t leave it.

Result: give into the flow of events.


EIGHT OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: Events are developing rapidly.

Events: process can stop suddenly.

Business: faster actions are necessary; a bargain must be done as soon as possible.

Relationship: dead-end.

Health: Health is very good.

Psychological characteristics: situation forces person to rush.

Advice: act as quickly as possible; mobilize; take everything.

Warning: don‘t put anything off for tomorrow what can be done today.

Result: Events will rush you.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF STRENGTH.

General meaning: protection, defense.

Events: necessity to defend oneself.

Business: closed, isolated business; conservative business; no strength and necessity to change anything; Business is not developing; step by step dying business.

Relationship: alienation; the experience of former relationship is oppressing you.

Health: too much of unnecessary emphasis on illness.

Psichologinė charakteristika: completely self-satisfied; self-contained person; intravert; constrained person.

Advice: defend oneself from possible troubles.

Warning: do not switch to a blind defense.

Result: you shall build walls.


NINE OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: necessity to go behind the barrier.

Events: changes of circumstances, circumstances call for any measures.

Business: attempt to expand; there is no opportunity to continue work as earlier.

Relationship: timid step to each other.

Health: first steps after recovery.

Psychological characteristics: person timidly experimenting oneself in a new field.

Advice: you have to make new steps; overcome own boundaries, complex.

Warning: make new steps; you don‘t know what is awaiting for you.

Result: circumstances will force to relax, weaken the defense.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF OPPRESSION.

General meaning: great burden.

Events: taking too much of responsibilities, burden; this card is the symbol of walked path; the end of the cycle.

Business: great task; loss of aim; necessity to free oneself from unnecessary (for example employees, directions).

Relationship: hard; one of the partners is dragging another (like a suitcase without handle).

Health: great strains; exhaustion.

Psychological characteristics: burdened, tired person.

Advice: take the work, though it is hard, you will handle it.

Warning: task not for your forces; weigh up forces and do not take up the work; refuse otherwise you will need help.

Result: time of exaggerated strains.


TEN OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: a throw off of a load; burden has fallen off.

Events: liberation from responsibility.

Business: decrease of strain; facilitated schedule; same money different strain; sometimes – refusal of disliked business.

Relationship: getting rid of annoying partner (even with the IX Major arcana card – disposal; with XVI – widowhood).

Health: either the illness has gone either it has temporarly disappeared(if the question corresponding to a person then it is necessary to  read from two cards).

Psychological characteristics: person is taking off burden however is very exhausted.

Advice: liberate from the burden; leave everything.

Warning: you can fall, not carry up to the end, not finish.

Result: in one or another way the task will have to be facilitated.



PAGE OF WANDS (fire-earth)

Psychological characteristics: preparation to express oneself; preparation for a new work, affair; picky; consistent; patient; determined.

Events: suggestion to pursue new activity; affairs, somebody who are waiting for a shove from the outside.

Business: mediation; necessity to obtain additional education; probationer; student; resident.

Relationship: active, initial stage; preparation to extend the relationship.

Health: good.

Advice: set a task.

Warning: take activity that you will be able to finish.

Result: you will get a promising proposal.


PAGE OF WANDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: person is not very reliable; quickly loses interest in work (affair);has bad recomendations.

Events: broken bid; refusal to the further actions.

Business: inability; loss of belief in one‘s powers; no activity at all.

Relationship: ripped (unbalanced); too scarce to be called relationship.

Health: average; rapid fatigue.

Advice: engage in small crafts.

Warning: low self assessment; do not quit activity in the half way.

Result: it is hard for you to believe in your own strength.


KNIGHT OF WANDS (fire-air)

Psychological characteristics: age up to 35 years, very sharp manner; dreamer; active; learning the life experience.

Events: withdrawal; departure.

Business: minor and average; related with trips; the manager of the middle link. Business is developing by gallops.

Relationship: conqueror (worse: King); Relationship is not long; quite bright; without tragedies; romance.

Health: srtong though person tends to have some injuries.

Advice: act quickly; move aside.

Warning: don‘t rush and don‘t withdraw.

Result: time of adventures.


KNIGHT OF WANDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: not so good; shallow; swaggerer.

Events: number of pointless activities and wandering.

Business: in the business field – the sportsman, everything is good what has come off well; picaroon; single business. As a rule such business has no fruits.

Relationship: passingly; one time romances; rapid loss of interest.

Health:  person who doesn‘t protect his health.

Advice: don‘t be interested in this affair; don‘t involve anymore in this work (activity).

Warning: don‘t be shallow.

Result: „you will go out for bread and will come back after a week“.


QUEEN OF WANDS (fire-water)

Psychological characteristics: very impulsive and changeable; charming; temperamental; the one who has strong intuition; creates intrigues just for own pleasure.

Events: great desire and fun intrigue.

Business: typical business-woman; perfectly adjusted, profitable business; age can be 18 and more, and she thinks of herself as a mature person.

Relationship: tempestuous; without preliminary schemes (not adjusted); everything is perfectly beautiful; worthy opponent.

Health: strong but not preserving.

Advice: act quick according to the situation.

Warning: avoid things that are hard to foresee.

Result: creative solution of domestic situations.


QUEEN OF WANDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: hysterical and unpredictable, rapidly flares up.

Events: caprices; those who are hardly predictable as well.

Business: ridiculous boss; gives each other controversial instructions; disorder in the business field.

Relationship: totally unpredictable, treacherous; woman who has no luck.

Health: mental illness ; hysteria.

Advice: show caprices.

Warning: do not pull the sheet towards yourself.

Result: you shall act inappropriately.


KING OF WANDS (fire-fire)


Psychological characteristics: person is bright and noble; initiative manager; attracts a lot of attention; determined; is able to make others subordinate to him.

Events: necessity to have a manager; organize a process, lead it; to drag an active person into the affair.

Business: values business with no managers (according to opportunities); wide spectrum activity of a company; loves the process but not the result in the business, however finishes work on time and fully; good leadership; card shows the managers of sport organisations, soldiers; managers of the artistic teams; very good director, coach, soldier.

Relationship: hunter until reaches the result; Relationship will be stable; very intensive relationship, bubbling passions and very strong sexual aspect.

Health: very often person overdraws strength and necessary stimulating material.

Advice: take the matter into own hands.

Warning: stay calm.

Result: you shall lead the process.


KING OF WANDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: despot; egoist.

Events: pointless stampede towards the authority; mad desire of some activity.

Business: unquestionable authority, the cause of business suffering; people fear of such leader, income is not as expected, everything is otherwise.

Relationship: extreme jealousy.

Health: condition of fever.

Advice: stand up for your position.

Warning: do not be a despot.

Result: your talents (abilities) are used in a wrong way.



General meaning: plentitude; surplus; abundance; food.

Events: purification; renovation; upcoming of surplus.

Business: everything what is related with food (restaurnats, catering, beverage sales); Business, related with the protection of mother and child. Fortunate business; greatest income.

Relationship: strong feelings, however much more from one partner than another; birth of big love; concern because of love.

Health: possible pregnancy; breast feeding; predisposition to obesity.

Psychological characteristics: very emotional; generously sharing own emotions and general person on the whole.

Advice: show generosity; take care.

Warning: you are too emotional; you are too generous and caring.

Result: full cup.


ACE OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: emptynesss; exhaustion.

Events: strength loss; loss of what once had.

Business: losses, recession, though business is quite perspective, but the time is bad; trade in empty glass containers and dishes.

Relationship: emotional exhaustion; emotional recession; too big charge while showing emotions; exhaustion.

Health: weight loss; brainfag; metabolic disorder.

Psychological characteristics: person at the time of emotional recession.

Advice: sacrifice anything; give it generously.

Warning: do not rush to share; your recources are not that big.

Result: very fertile time period awaits you; minor exhaustion from the life.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF LOVE

General meaning: get-together; acquaitance; simpathy.

Events: co-operation; agreement; engagement; matchmaking.

Business: very fortunate partnership; merger of akin directions; convergence of minor capitals; minor income.

Relationship: does not denote love; means amorousness, simpathy (kisses, friendship, ramble holding each other‘s hands); mutuality; meeting with a very attracrive person.

Health: harmonious; minor diseases of twin organ parts (i.e. lungs, kidneys).

Psychological characteristics: very charming; attractive person; person, fully attracting others to oneself; nice.

Advice: agree with someone for something; response to an invitation.

Warning: behind this acquaintance lies something new.

Result: time of amorousness or fortunate co-operation.


TWO OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: break up; disagreement; inability to understand each other.

Events: incomprehension in understanding each other; different attitudes; precluded meeting; unsettled acquaintance.

Business: collapse of a minor business; inability to come to an agreement with partner; absence of unanimous opinion; lower income.

Relationship: disbalanced; minor disagreement; pique.

Health: urinary, genital disorders.

Psychological characteristics: not very nice person; not attractive one.

Advice: do not go to that meeting; do not negotiate for anything.

Warning: Relationship might be fruitless (business as well); it is only a time waisting situation.

Result: time of misunderstanding each other but not that bad as may seem.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF ABUNDANCE.

General meaning: entertainment; feast; cakes and ale because of abundance of the heart; direct wish to have fun.

Events: joyfull party; an ordinary party; “threesome”; pleasures.

Business: these are corporational interests; internal agreements, which do not go outside the company; business agreements; minor monopoly; however the income is big.

Relationship: big sincere friendship; cognate relationships, blood relatives (but this card for example together with the II Minor arcana card denotes marriage).

Health: great; easy state; most importantly go easy.

Psychological characteristics: the soul of the company; the funny one; very attractive person; easy talk to; good for everybody.

Advice: unite with like-minded; go out; enjoy your life.

Warning: the rain comes after the sun.

Result: energy effect (strength increases).


THREE OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: sincere friendship; hangover.

Events: unpleasant consequences; unexpected details; emptyness (emptying).

Business: a serious decomposition began; minor income; poured over with mud; market loss.

Relationship: testing of reliability; disappointment in own environment; no one to communicate with.

Health: decrease of strength; intoxication; poisoning.

Psychological characteristics: insincere and unfriendly person.

Advice: break up peacefully

Warning: your environment is unfriendly.

Result: entertainment turned to be unfortunate; feast did not bring joy.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF BLENDED PLEASURE.

General meaning: opportunity to change one‘s life, but at the same time boredom, fatigue.

Events: comfort; pleasure; wealth surplus.

Business: everything is so well that there is no wish to take up anything; there is a chance to change however there is a doubt if it is worth to do that; during the time of wealth it is necessary to think about the future.

Relationship: boredom; fatigue; disappointment in each other; unjustified hopes; it is also necessary to think about the future otherwise you may lose it.

Health: light depression; surfeit.

Psychological characteristics: indifferent; boring; passive.

Advice: pay attention to all details; be more attentive.

Warning: there is novement in your life; dangerous inactivity.

Result: no volition to do anything but duty calls.


FOUR OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: not enough sated;greediness (might be to life); accumulate as much as possible.

Events: usage of chance (the chance was used though it‘s benefit is questioned).

Business: attempt to pull out from the business everything even what is impossible, more than possible; unjustified exploitation; not bad income, however without any perspectives; used up on business recources.

Relationship: neglect; laziness; devalued relationship, the relationship is not valued, because it can be bought – this card denotes overeating.

Health: absence health, rotten organism.

Psychological characteristics: very greedy person (for everything); either the boss of life, impudent; tank.

Advice: take the chance.

Warning: you clutch at a straw, and lose.

Result: time of very intesive usage of opportunities.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF LOSS IN PLEASURE.

General meaning:losses; going out.

Events: discovery through loss.

Business: resignation; inheritance of company (in order to ruin business, or just retirement and leaving business to others); searches of better life; losses equivalent to income.

Relationship: hard break up however temporal; the reason is wish to change something; rupture brings some losses.

Health: nerve outbreak; vočių, removal of benign tumors.

Psychological characteristics: determined; tragic person; brave enough, however disappointed.

Advice: leave, dearch for something new.

Warning: we are responsible for the one we have tamed; there is what to lose.

Result: steps towards changes.


FIVE OF CUPS  turned upside-down


General meaning: going out without a wish to leave.

Events: repeated comeback.

Business: attempt to restore what is unrecoverable; minor income; no development.

Relationship: emotional sadism; constant threat to leave or going out and comeback.

Health: hem dialysis; sorption; necessity to constantly clean blood.

Psychological characteristics: person manipulating others; seeking for benefit while threatening.

Advice: come back.

Warning: your decision is not final.

Result: you do not finish your chosen line of behaviour.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF PLEASURE.

General meaning: memories; nostalgia.

Events: meeting with old friends; transience of something.

Business: help that comes from the past, from old friends; beginning of stability and good income; rise.

Relationship: long lasting; Relationship from the school bench; gentle friendly love; strong marriage as a rule, but no passion; very nice meeting with old friends.

Health: good in general; bad if there are complications after diseases in the childhood.

Psychological characteristics: young; young in the soul; little bit naive; infantile.

Advice: ask friends‘ for help  (ones‘ whom you haven‘t seen for a long time).

Warning: do not fall into nostalgia; do not live in memories.

Result: you will have to look at your past.


SIX OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: coming back to the childhood.

Events: irresponsible attitude towards everything; frivolity.

Business: trade of used items; antiquities; not bad income.

Relationship: caprices; increased requirements to partner; life in a past and unexisted relationship (in dreams).

Health: childish diseases of a  grown up man.

Psychological characteristics: aiming to become younger; infantile.

Advice: look back to your past; dig out your antiquities.

Warning: don‘t act as a child; don‘t try to pretend to be younger.

Result: everything will remain as it was.




General meaning: a lot of possibilities; illusions.

Events: dizzying perspective; a lot of suggestions, though only one is useful.

Business: virtual (computer games); multiplication; marketing with video cassettes; good income. Funfair; minor show business (but not at television); Business brings good income.

Relationship: Relationship with perversion; relationship overfulled with everything; love of two morphinist; a concession to small weaknesses and discovery in those weaknessess some satisfaction.

Health: light drugs – addiction; intoxication; overdose.

Psychological characteristics: person giving too much promises; loves to tell stories about his uncountable amount of achievements, which do not exist in real; creates illusion about himself.

Advice: choose wisely.

Warning: choice is very serious do not make a mistake.

Result: time of great amount of various opportunities in your life.


SEVEN OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: collapse of an illusion.

Events: loss of opportunities; majority of suggestions has gone; perspectives turned out to be wrong.

Business: making money from the minor weaknesses of a person; tabaco business; production of home-made vodka and it‘s marketing; minor prostitution.

Relationship: Relationship that has disappointed; no more common interests; nothing has remained; only common boredom has remained, reaproaches.

Health: weakened with the manner for alkohol, smoking, night life.

Psychological characteristics: person who lost interest in life he is living; boring; disappointed.

Advice: stop living in a dream.

Warning: your chances might be empty.

Result: time of disappointments.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF ABANDONED SUCCESS.

General meaning: apathy; silent exit, exclusion; separation.

Events: inaction; abandonment of everything to fate.

Business: redundancy, followed by dishonesty; retirement; transition from a work with good conditions to bad ones; income decrease; renunciation of own business.

Relationship: one of the partners drowning deep into oneself(without a break up); absence of feelings (lives own life); practically there is no partner in the family; family abandonment in the hard situation.

Health: deep depression; unwillingness to live; suicide (attempt to suicide); sometimes denotes death.

Psychological characteristics: person is in deep depression; excluded from life.

Advice: try to spen time on your own.

Warning: you don‘t want to situation get better.

Result: time of voluntary isolation from the happenings.


EIGHT OF WANDS turned upside-down


General meaning: wish to attract attention to oneself by any means.

Events: inability to leave; unwillingness to leave.

Business: total stagnation; standing in one place.

Relationship: lack of love and attention; demand of attention by any means.

Health: simulations; dragging attention of people around; person disappointed by the indifference of close ones.

Psychological characteristics: person who starves for the attention and love from people surrounding him; disappointed in indifference of people surrounding him.

Advice: try to drag attention to yourself by any means.

Warning: you might be seen through.

Result: you need intercourse, attention, love, you can‘t be alone.




General meaning: fortune; expectance of a great feast; inner peace; satisfaction.

Events: eve of a family feast; anniversary; birthday; card shows covered table.

Business: very fortunate; great income; gasoline, lubricants marketing; drink trade, food trade.

Relationship: successfully developing; people are somewhat distant from the other; Cabbage pair; marriage eve; wedding presentiment; be born happy not beautiful.

Health: great; everything is great with health.

Psychological characteristics: person satisfied with life; relaxed.

Advice: enjoy the life.

Warning: you are not sharing your happiness with other people; be more open.

Result: time of satisfaction and wealth.


NINE OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: disharmony; discomfort.

Events: attempt to save comfort under uncomfortable conditions.

Business: minor business stays independent, despite huge competition; not big comfort; is able to make everything quickly, but so far it‘s not bad.

Relationship: emphasized one on each other; try to save relationship beautiful from the outer though a great disharmony is in.

Health: weakening; from the outer looks completely healthy.

Psychological characteristics: good idea during the bad game; puts all possible effort to show happiness and satisfaction.

Advice: preserve good impression on yourself.

Warning: you will get into an uncomfortable situation.

Result: you will feel very little in this huge world.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF PERFECTED SUCCESS.

General meaning: great happiness; time of stability in all fields; ongoing luck.

Events: meeting with relatives; journey to native land; everything what is related eith family.

Business: well regulated business; trade in liquid natural resources (gasoline, gas); great income; every kind fortune.

Relationship: the best card for a relationship; deep interdependant emotional comprehension; deep unconditional love; family support.

Health: great; if minor complains then good end.

Psychological characteristics:  person very deeply understanding other; light person; he is spreading peace.

Advice: go to visit relatives; come back to your roots (origins).

Warning: happiness is never without clouds.

Result: everything will be good as in a fairy tale.


TEN OF CUPS turned upside-down


General meaning: loss of family bonds.

Events: disagreements in family; emigration.

Business: decrease; long time of unfortune, however everybody support you (family, co-workers); this is not eternal.

Relationship: nothing obligates you in a relationship anymore; preservation of a bit warmer relationship without a deep affection.

Health: more dissatisfaction in one‘s health rather than in illness; person complains much more about his health than is unhealthy in real.

Psychological characteristics: person used to live better; now lives through a dicrease, who responds to him.

Advice: elucidate your relative relationship.

Warning: your emotional life can cause stroke.

Result: a less fortunate time awaits you; possible long term departure from native land.


PAGE OF CUPS (water-air)

Psychological characteristics: person forming own emotions; is able to write poems; is interested in art; the youngest of all Pages; attractive; tries to put you into the situation and conditions suitable for him.

Events: minor feast; present; white lie.

Business: minor creative projects; filming in a commercial; good income; minor business; Business is being developed with someones help.

Relationship: suggestion to closer the relationship; longer; there is more inertia in this relationship; common interests.

Health: not very strong, but normal.

Advice: organize a little feast.

Warning: don‘t give up for seductions.

Result: receipt of little amenities and presents.


PAGE OF CUPS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: lazy one, capricious; very unreliable person.

Events: unreliable suggestion; fake friendship.

Business: empty promises and self- fraudulence, either fraud.

Relationship: totally unreliable; it‘s not worth to meet them (might shuffle; promise empty promises).

Health: not fully developed organs; Health is not strong since the childhood.

Advice: do not accept any presents or suggestions from this person.

Warning: you are forced to play extraneous games.

Result: time of fraud, easy cheating.


KNIGHT OF CUPS (water-air)

Psychological characteristics: emotionally rich kind; is able to sympahize; noble; but doesn‘t take much responsibilities on oneself.

Events: arrival; approach; offer of a hand and a heart; or just a very good suggestion.

Business: in a good condition; most of all creative person; actor; loves to talk; representatives of the diplomatic corps; representatives of show business.

Relationship: quite often this card shows homosexuals; very emotional relationship; deep but brief; acquaintance; presents; signs of attention.

Health: good.

Advice: accept the offer.

Warning: do not give into charms of strong person.

Result: brief time of beautiful emotional experience.


KNIGHT OF CUPS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: it is the hero-lover; party lion; lives according to a principe: “misfortune of other‘s I shall dissipate with a hand “calm down and forget.

Events: light attitude towards life; wish to entertain and experience pleasures.

Business: incomprehensible origin; but provides income.

Relationship: easily attracted; easily breaks up; lives at the expense of women; Alphonse.

Health: spoiled by surplus, doesn‘t follow the treatment; drunkenness.

Advice: look easily at the situation.

Warning: you are abusing smb‘s trust either someone is abusing you.

Result: unfair, unrealiable relationship..


QUEEN OF CUPS (water-water)


Psychological characteristics: superwoman; perfect woman; embodiment of a mother.

Events: concern; gentle love; looking deep into the problem.

Business: educators; nannies; housewives; cooks, confectioners.

Relationship: love; care; self-sacrifice; relationship led by protection of each other.

Health: course of an illness is very slow; weak health. Rapidly catches various diseases (infectious).

Advice: take care a little bit of yourself.

Warning: don‘t mind so much.

Result: you shall show the best female qualities; emotional flow.


QUEEN OF CUPS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: very passive; can drown oneself in own emotions and concerns; “attaching”, but it is hard to get angry on her.

Events: wish to depend from somebody; seeking for care; wish to hide oneself behind somebody‘s back.

Business: absence of profession; usually wish to marry a rich guy; bohemic way of life; disorderly.

Relationship: hysterical, nervous.

Health: drunkeness of a woman; predisposition to obesity; liver diseases.

Advice: look for protection.

Warning: your emotions are uncontrolable.

Result: danger to lose oneself (while hiding behind somebody‘s back).


KING OF CUPS (water-fire)

Psychological characteristics: person able to work with the emotions of a crowd, good psychologist; has strong inner power; reserved person; has calming effect on people around him, sedative, but at the same time knows how to demand what is necessary to him.

Events: protection; care.

Business: well regulated (The financial institution). In Business – role of Grey Cardinal, ideologist; diplomat; cult servant; tutor of the high school; just a beloved tutor; rector; might be a captain of a ship; underground leader in security services.

Relationship: is good if he loves you, takes care of you; Relationship great, but if something is not right, he turns around and leaves without turning back and explaining; possible calls, but not more, he decides himself how the relationship will develop further.

Health: good, but a lot depends from the state of nervous system.

Advice: take up new works.

Warning: do not bother; don‘t engage in charity.

Result: you shall be a spiritual guide in the situation; someone will support you.


KING OF CUPS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: psychologist; in a very stable way manipulates people and gets everything he wants; bad father; crafty and double-faced person; you shouldn‘t open up to him; desires to influence other peoples‘ life.

Events: situation when everything is about playing with your feelings (speculation on children; diseases; sacred matters).

Business: shrewd manager; advisor, able to work in several companies; just a professor; business is managed.

Relationship: unscrupulous; one partner is watching another, after manipulates, get‘s benefit; attempts to make dependent and raises conditions.

Health: great decreases after stormy emotional scenes; difficult emotional recovery.

Advice: take advantage of your knowledge about people or human cognition.

Warning: someone will try to extract what is useful by any means.

Result: deceptive help; deceptive protector.





Mastis tends to be feuding, intelligent. The element of Air. Matches letter VAU.



The name of the card: THE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF AIR.

General meaning: thought;changes; threat, accident; operation.

Business: sudden deterioration of affairs; visit of the auditor; tax inspection; attempt to push away from the business (market) without any visible competition.

Relationship: taken by surprise, afflicted; with the shade of conflict; might be fortunate; tumultuous.

Health: sudden deterioration of health; injuries; everything what comes from the outer. Ace is the sign of warning.

Psychological characteristics: person has impetuous manner; nervous.

Advice: listen to the helping voices from the outer.

Warning: possible troubles.

Result: time of light „pricks“.


ACE OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: aggression, directed inwards.

Events: events of self destruction;or provocation of negative situations.

Business: downfall in business; devaluation; panic; decrease of income.

Relationship: partners are secretely being angry on one another; are accumulating grievances and aggression; long-term silent quarrels (“no talking days”).

Health: a disease, which a person is withering.

Psychological characteristics: inner stress; about to break.

Advice: reduce risk; or do not get into a risky situation.

Warning: do not accumulate aggression in yourself.

Result: something will be eating you away from inside; inner dissatisfaction.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF PEACE.

General meaning: searches for the right path; tense decision; search.

Events: drawning into oneself; searches for the inner balance.

Business: two or more paths of development; searches for the collateral work (activity); formation of the balance; card is tightly related to politics; multiparty system; political streams; ideological fights.

Relationship: two strong personalities; terrarium of good friends; an armed truce in the love sphere; matched stride for stride; a crow does not chop eye to crow.

Health: one is being treated, the other gets worse.

Psychological characteristics: person of compromises; adamant; might be double-faced; with the well rooted mask (Putin).

Advice: find compromise.

Warning: prepare for a long and dangerous fight.

Result: you shall be between two fires; crossroad.


TWO OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: aspect conflict.

Events: wrong choice.

Business: circumstances interfering one another and are impeding the business.

Relationship: conflict that will lead to a certain end of a relationship.

Health: stabilization of the state.

Psychological characteristics: person who tends to transfer his stree to other.

Advice: try to be as much as possible indifferent, otherwise you shall be involved into the interpretation of a relationship.

Warning: you may make a mistake.

Result: you shall find the culprit.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF SORROW.

General meaning: sadness; tears; sorrow.

Events: bad news; sorrow for the close person.

Business: decrease in the affair field; held up cargo; warning about the company closure; outer restricts.

Relationship: classical meaning – broken heart; love triangle.

Health: heart diseases; heart attack; together with XIII, XVI Major arcana cards– heart attack; if threesome is one – strangulation in the spine field, which have bad influence on heart; together with XXI Minor arcana card – very dangerous combination; operational interventions.

Psychological characteristics: person who has had a bad experience; is able to go through nuisance.

Advice: cry out; survive the pain.

Warning: do not create situation without a way out.

Result: time of bad news, hard experiences.


THREE OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: tragic mistake.

Events: situation without a way out.

Business: confiscation of property; it is love without a respond.

Health: unsuccessful operation.

Psychological characteristics: person surounded by troubles.

Advice: prepare for extremly hard challenges.

Warning: serious sorrow; it is the limit, nothing can be worse.

Result: insurmountable conflicts; inevitable troubles.



General meaning: respite; peace.

Events: stagnation; pause; cellar – premises of limited space (not cell).

Business: necessity to stay for some time at the bottom; wait hard times out; accumulate strength; minor income; little of development; salary is not paid.

Relationship: take a break; temporarily step back from each other.

Health: postoperative treatment; rehabilitation; sanatorium.

Psychological characteristics: philosophically minded person; calm; solitary.

Advice: make a break, lay at the bottom.

Warning: don‘t stay for too long at the bottom.

Result: you will have time to think about the sad affairs you are dealing with.


FOUR OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: dangerous inactivity.

Events: it‘s time to take some actions.

Business: initial capital from the economy; no matter you are willing you or not you have to move on.

Relationship: forced comeback to each other.

Health: doctors are forcing to get up; not to lay too much and get up with the consequences.

Psychological characteristics: person lead by the circumstances.

Advice: prepare to act.

Warning: circumstances will force to move.

Result: forced and compulsed actions.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF DEFEAT.

General meaning: very expensive victory; victory reached through a great devotion.

Events: end of the fight with the dual result; if it is victory then possible returnance to the situation; not final victory.

Business: the one which demands rotations that are as fast as possible or fast earnings and quick retirement out of the market (one-day companies, “pyramids”); installation of the latest technologies; big expenditure, but low income.

Relationship: wish to conquer partner by any means though later follows dissatisfaction; process is better than result.

Health: to save by any means without paying attention to consequences.

Psychological characteristics: fighter; deadly attack.

Advice: finish works untill the victory.

Warning: price of the victory is too high.

Result: efforts that are not worth result.


FIVE OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: defeat.

Events: withdrawal from the fight.

Business: temporary withdrawal from the business; moving to the backup position.

Relationship: temporar refusal to fight for the partner.

Health: temporar cancellation of the treatment; expectation of the changes in order to see what will be the further progress of an illness.

Psychological characteristics: defeated but not broken-down person.

Advice: step back.

Warning: fight becomes extremely dangerous.

Result: though temporarly however you will have to admit your loss.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF EARNED SUCCESS.

General meaning: withdrawal from the conflict zone to the peaceful place; intense and thorough work of the mind.

Events: searches for peace and discovery of solution in a situation; departure.

Business: transition to another work; change of a company‘s name; re-registration; almost doesn‘t influence wage, though possible insight .

Relationship: temporar break up; departure in order to earn; change of a relationship concept; changes of the outer conditions and  only in the last place – migration together.

Health: recovery.

Psychological characteristics: person in searches for changes; sensitive; traveler; avoiding conflicts.

Advice: step aside from the place where you are being provoked.

Warning: while changing conditions you won‘t change yourself.

Result: situation will get better if you put any effort.


SIX OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: inability to leave dangerous zone.

Events: of the same type chain of situations.

Business: interference at the start of activity; inability to consolidate in the one field of an activity.

Relationship: unsuccessful partner changes.

Health: none of the treatment fully helps; person is seeking for panacea and can‘t find it.

Psychological characteristics: person is in the unkind wheel of infinity; squirrel in the wheel; stepping on one and same rake; whistler‘s day.

Advice: try to act unusually.

Warning: you make your own mistakes

Result: “ you are trading an awl to a bar of soap ”.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF UNSTABLE EFFORT.

General meaning: theft; disappearance; following; necessity to take from the situation what belongs to you.

Events: encounter with the injustice; disgraceful act.

Business: theft in the production; black studies; money laundering; “shell” companies.

Relationship: surrendered to seductions ; double life; contrive in front of each other; the collection and tracing of compromising; sometimes secret meetings however not infidelity.

Health: hidden course of the disease; undiagnosed illnesses, though despite everything the patient is getting better.

Psychological characteristics: nimble person; funny; determined; likes to pretend more naive than he actually is.

Advice: quietly finish own work.

Warning: avoid secret enemies; theft and tracing.

Result: dear ones won‘t turn away from you, if you will operate secretly; this card shows great possibility of theft.


SEVEN OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: pointless attempt to hide one‘s actions.

Events: what is secret will be revealed; frauds; shrewd actions; noticed tracing.

Business: discovery of theft; clarification of various violations of the documents, affairs; clarification of intrigues proceeding at work.

Relationship: infidelity became clear; inability to hide secret relationship anymore.

Health: not bad; diagnosis of an illness; right diagnosis.

Psychological characteristics: person who was exposed; caught by the hand.

Advice: better confess either things will get only worse.

Warning: it is dangerous to hide the truth further; prepare for  disclosure.

Result: your tricks are sewn with white thread.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF SHORTENED FORCE.

General meaning: stagnancy, restriction.

Events: falling into a complicated situation (if there is no way out or it is hard to see it); but there is a way out in this card, just it has to be found.

Business: without any development; in the stage of stagnancy; not growing; minimal income either losses.

Relationship: Relationship are depended and strictly framed, mutual dependency is available as well; there is no freedom in the relationship (typical muslim family).

Health: doesn‘t allow to feel free (diabetes, asthma).

Psychological characteristics: modest; oppressed, full of complexes.

Advice: act step after step; seek for a solution out of the situation.

Warning: inaction is dangerous.

Result: time of inaction and captivity.


EIGHT OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: situation with no way out.

Events: panicky way to get out; constant effort to make the situation better; infertility.

Business: dying; Business will never bloom again; you may become a subordinate at work.

Relationship: inability to liberate from the oppression.

Health: unfortunate battle for health though had demanded a lot of strength.

Psychological characteristics: person who struggles even using his last force.

Advice: fight; try to save yourself; hold on; use every strength cell you have.

Warning: your fight can be fruitless.

Result: no chance, no way out.



NINE OF SWORDS                 (9)

The name of the card:  THE LORD OF DESPAIR AND CRUELTY.

General meaning: fears; pangs of conscience; heavy karma.

Events: predictive dreams; anticipations; there is something to be afraid of.

Business: business before downfall; threats of the rivals (fires; thefts; elimination of people in your inner circle; intimidations and mental violence).

Relationship: anticipation of a long loneliness (with a IX card of the  Great arcana – for the whole life); a very tragic break; fear of loosing a beloved person (as if someone would kill him/her or he/she would die because of illness). 100 percent loss if drawn with the three of swords.

Health: a night before a very serious operation; state of a person who is diagnosed with a lethal disease.

Psychological characteristics: a person is very sensitive; conscious of his/hers inner loneliness. The only positive sign of this card – it reveals psychics, sensitives, extrasensories; people with increased sensitivity.

Advice: listen to your anticipations and dreams.

Warning: expect for a misfortune.

Result: you will be intimidated by bad anticipations and suspicions.


NINE OF SWORDS turned upside-down


General meaning: exaggerated fears.

Events: false suspicion; emphaty into one‘s fantasies and negative emotions.

Business: giving away business without any resistance (from fear); no money at all.

Relationship: pathological fear for a dear person (fears of no reason, however person cannot deal with them and that‘s why he does not have a relationship at all).

Health: phobias; maniac state; exaggerated fear for one‘s health (at least).

Psychological characteristics:  person who worries all the time; suspicious; always concerned about something.

Advice: stop fearing.

Warning: you can attract a misfortune with your fear.

Result: big eyes of a fear.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF RUIN.

General meaning: time of constant loss; collapse of hopes.

Events: loss of consciousness; inability to control the situation; bane.

Business: irreversible loss; hopelessly ruined business (together with the  IX Major arcana card – agony; with the X – death).

Relationship: ruined; impossible to renew; to an empty place emptyness comes for a long stay; an outer collapse is the one whose changes do not come soon.

Health: if not death then a long fight between life and death; coma; person can die at any minute.

Psychological characteristics: broken pessimist.

Advice: accept what is; live this day.

Warning: time of extreme hazard.

Result: time of serious challenges.


TEN OF SWORDS turned upside-down


Ten of swords turned upside-down does not change its meaning however is an illusion that things are not over yet. All meanings are same as in the direct position.


PAGE OF SWORDS (air-earth)

Psychological characteristics: the smart one; observant person; spy.

Events: information gathering and structuring; tracing; he is not young deep in his soul.

Business: informational; cabinet; catalogues; archives; libraries. Business is not very impressive, but profitable. Detective agencies; industrial spying.

Relationship: mistrust; built on an exchange of information; begnners-intellectuals  relationship.

Health: chronic diseases.

Advice: to solve out the uestion; gather the information.

Warning: you are being traced.

Result: you shall work in the library either start out an intellectual activity in the systemization of information; this card might show examinations.


PAGE OF SWORDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: clever; treacherous; dangerous; spreader of gossips; intentionally spreads information, so he/she could check it later.

Events: backbiting; deception.

Business: waiting until a job is open; grows “under cover”, later the patron is pushed away; there is money, because there is information.

Relationship: especially insincere; clever; improper settling of accounts; partner is looking for and waiting for mistakes, so that he/she could benefit from that.

Health: kleptomania (as an illness); latent mental or neural troubles.

Advice: to use the collected information usefully.

Warning: you are being used and deceived.

Result: you could use false information; get entangled in some kind of scheme.



Psychological characteristics: real fighter; the greatest knight of all knights; the one who is able to fight for great ideas; sacrifices for others.

Events: instant withdrawal; sometimes – brutal assault.

Business: developing in a stormy way; rapidly expanding and broad covering; great tide; big amount of money. Between the Knights of swords there may be ice hockeyists; very responsible subordinates.

Relationship: argues in the relationship, provement of each others‘ truth; no warm feelings.

Health: serious injury; infections.

Advice: give all strength for a purpose.

Warning: do not sacrifice for nothing.

Result: time of serving and sacrifising.


KNIGHT OF SWORDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: fanatic; a person who acts without commonsense; this person can easily be turned into a zombie (frequently they are followers of some kind of sect (with a card V of the Major arcana)); mad.

Events: cruel and morbid period; cutting of the ends; burning of the bridges.

Business: thugs; racket; marauding; taking over business using force (I came, I saw, I conquered); bandit.

Relationship: mad relationship; one partner chasing another; potential threat to life (soldiers).

Health: probable crisis; condition between life and death.

Advice: in this case show roughness; cruelty.

Warning: you are acting inhumanely; madly.

Result: you are working for the aims of someone else or you are fighting not for the goals that you are seeking.


QUEEN OF SWORDS (air-water)

Psychological characteristics: determined; strong; categorical; intelectual, and with great life experience; the one who knows human weaknesses and is cruel to them.

Events: the decision is made; conclusions are made.

Business: sudden uplift; turning to good; thoughts are working correctly; there is a growth; money; income; everything is well.

Relationship: desire for an inter-fight; Relationship with a bright competition; relationship where is a growth; she is raising oneself a man.

Health: is getting better; lucky operations.

Advice: get into the fight.

Warning: do not take an irreconcilable position.

Result: you will be fully prepared for a fight; act firmly and ensured.


QUEEN OF SWORDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: treacherous intriguer; has a goal to ruin someones relationship and she does it; very bitter.

Events: treacherous, mad intrigues; interference into somebody‘s inner life.

Business: woman with uniform (rigor) or epaulette; boss if speaking about authority (not the housewife)

Relationship: one who distinguishes; competetive; principal hate of the same sex and correspinding behaviour with men; seduces men from their wives.

Health: thyroid disorders; acute nerve disorders; possible psoriasis, lupus erythematosus.

Advice: to reach own goal by any means.

Warning: you are surrounded by the ruse.

Result: huge fight for the egoistic behaviour.


KING OF SWORDS (air-fire)

Psychological characteristics: very strict person; cruel; experienced; intelectual; determined; person with no emotions; thinks strictly and doesn‘t avoid conflicts.

Events:conflict; upcoming punishment; intense intellectual work.

Business: unexpected checks of the prosection or the tax office; fight between major business structures; reorganization and sacking; massive sackings; discipline strengthening; Military Industrial Complex; officers of high rank.

Relationship: not much of emotions; quite cold; characters encounter; strict requirements.

Health: nervous system and heart.

Advice: to use ones life experience; lesser emotions.

Warning: do not be cruel.

Result: you will act in a very determined way.


KING OF SWORDS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: less dignified; termagant; angry; dreary; someone who holds anger; dictator; solves problems following a principle: if there is no person – there is no problem.

Events: fighting; open fight; serious rows.

Business: a hit from thugs; physical disposal of rivals; pervasion of criminal elements into large businesses; a big criminal force.

Relationship: One of the partners is very cruel; may punish and beat the other partner (with Devil).

Health: abrupt and fairly dire troubles with health (meningitis, encephalitis), that are sudden; very awful infections (plague, cholera, smallpox).

Advice: end everything as suddenly possible and go to a conflict.

Warning: do not go on a rampage while expressing your cruelty.

Result: attacks of aggression.





The name of the card: THE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF EARTH.

General meaning: reserves; resources; huge gift; great talent.

Events: perspective to obtain money; from the very first; fundament, that you can lean to; great basis.

Business: initial capital; possibility to start new activity; great plan, project; great time for investments; obtainment of real estate.

Relationship: plans of further intercommunion; well reconciled relationship between two mature people; one of the partners values another as a gift from fate (if shows partners); late love, deep, true, which is understood as gift, is given at the second life period by the fate.

Health: great; no where better, however benign tumors are possible. If ACE OF DISKS falls out, it is advisable not to throw lots, so that luck would not be winded off.ACE can denote cancer, if falls out alone. And though it is the best card in the deck, while interpreting it you should be careful.

Psychological characteristics: person gifted with talents; amazing; talentive; authoritative.

Advice: use the luck.

Warning: don‘t expect others‘ help and gifts from fate.

Result: great happiness; you can finish oracle so that luck would not be winded off.


ACE OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: help that you will have to pay for.

Events: present that you rarely know how to use.

Business: credits; necessity to give back debts; generally large good business.

Relationship: of convenience; money to money.

Health: person who earns money using his health (sportsmen).

Psychological characteristics: person oppressing others with the solidity; having quite hard manner.

Advice: remember that you have to pay for the gifts.

Warning: nothing comes to life from nowhere (just like that).

Result: time of luck but commitment as well.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF HARMONIOUS CHANGE.

General meaning: constant changes.

Events: unstable; ambiguous.

Business: teaching of finance management; book keeping; work documents; money turnover in the trade field; well income.

Relationship: changes to the better, however game from one of the partner position; attracts-repels; conscious behavior, which aim is to tie stronger; time of character polishing.

Health: health improvement.

Psychological characteristics: curious person; practical; unstable.

Advice: try various variants; reconsider some variants.

Warning: do not take up two deeds at one time.

Result: change your decision.


TWO OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: disorder; chaos.

Events: job quitting in a halfway.

Business: disorder in the documents; mistakes in book keeping; inability to manage own or other people‘s money; unnecessary expenditures.

Relationship:person does not know what he wants from his partner; there is no clear line of behaviour; there is no perspective in a relationship.

Health: quite changeable state.

Psychological characteristics: double-faced person; tends to compromises; manipulator.

Advice: show caprices.

Warning: finish all deeds as soon as possible.

Result: disorder; misunderstandig.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF MATERIAL WORKS.

General meaning: work providing pleasure; great  understanding of one‘s job; mastery.

Events: improvement of one‘s abilities; improvement of quality and qualification.

Business: money interest is lower, person is working for pleasure; performance of work – matter of honor (jewelry, expensive construction and decoration; mastery at any profession).

Relationship: one of the best cards for a relationship. Such relationship is throughoutly regulated, built on great efforts; comprehension of each other in the level of instincts  (for example love to smells); harmony; absolute mutual agreement; overall acceptance of a partner as he is.

Health: all practics related to improvement of the body and health (fitness, body-building); cosmetology; good health.

Psychological characteristics: person inspiring confidence in himself; clever; loves details, accessories.

Advice: try to do everything excellently, perfectly.

Warning: do not be attracted only by the exterior.

Result: work that you will be doing will provide you great satisfaction.


THREE OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: work of poor quality.

Events: daily work for little salary.

Business: consumer goods; bad construction; poor quality construction, maintenance; „waster“ however there is  money.

Relationship: turned out bad though strong.

Health: exhaustion from various activities, physical loads; overdoing while beautifying oneself.

Psychological characteristics: sufficiently nice person; somewhat offhandedly looking at things; “a flood can come after me”; i shall do everything now and time will reveal results.

Advice: act as possibilities allows, do as you manage to.

Warning: you are doing everything anyhow.

Result: you shall not bloom in mastery or surprise with quality.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF EARTHLY POWER.

General meaning: savings; accumulations; stability.

Events: to hide, to preserve.

Business: banks; great fundament for development; sometimes life with stable but not big salary; life “from percents”, from rent; rent of majority residential premises.

Relationship: not much of emotions; solitary; possessive; closure one‘s from another.

Health: stable, but not strong; necessity to follow the treatment.

Psychological characteristics: moderate; cold, closed.

Advice: economize.

Warning: do not be too thrifty.

Result: time of stability.


FOUR OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: the monetary authority; exaggerated thrift.

Events: necessity to economize either thrift in every area.

Business: robbing percents; bank crisisvery poor resources.

Relationship: very complicated; one partner is exploiting another; “makes” money from relatives either saves money at the expense of relatives.

Health: necessity to save strength.

Psychological characteristics: miser; too much thrifty; greedy person.

Advice: save every peny.

Warning: greedy pays twice.

Result: time of economy, thrift.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF MATERIAL TROUBLE.

General meaning: hard times.

Events: poverty; despair; prowling and seeking for solution.

Business: losses; dustruction; job loss; very unsuccessful investments.

Relationship: loss of mutual understanding; two unfortunate people; friends of unfortune; one of the partners in a relationship is carrying out a mission (blind musician).

Health: denotes particularly hard losses(of organs, limbs); necessity to put up with a disease and look for happiness in some other places.

Psychological characteristics: loser, unfortunate one; it is unclear what the person is looking for in his life.

Advice: take up some safety means  before the time of misfortune.

Warning: great material and moral losses await for you.

Result: no one can help you during this period of time.


FIVE OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: does not have individual meaning. The darkest time at night before the dawn; disappointment. All the other meanings are the same as in the FIVE OF DISKS lieing in a straight position.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF MATERIAL SUCCESS.

General meaning: fair division (according to merits); help; an award.

Events: deserved success; desire of good acts; wish act helpfully.

Business: good; improvement of deeds; increased income; appearance of large investor, successful partners; protection.

Relationship: well organized; calm; one of the partners maintains another one; as a rule – one of the partners is superior in some field more than another one; unequal marriage.

Health: peacefull life and good treatment is necessary; someone will give you money for the treatment.

Psychological characteristics: protector; honorable person; generous.

Advice: accept help; either provide help.

Warning: do not engage in a charity with no purpose.

Result: you shall be rewarded for the achievements in the past.


SIX OF DISKS  turned upside-down


General meaning: wish to show oneself.

Events: falsehood.

Business: contribution made by a bad advice; great expences for presentations; too sincere behaviour with partners and subordinates; overpayments.

Relationship: working accordint to a principe: I give you so much, and you don‘t pay me back.

Health: money spent on treatment went for nothing; too expensive treatment, though there was possibility for a cheaper one.

Psychological characteristics: boaster; person who likes to show oneself.

Advice: don‘t regret of spent money.

Warning: don‘t waste money.

Result: you are choosing expensive solutions to a problem.



The name of the card: LORD OF SUCCESS UNFULFILLED.

General meaning: dissatisfacion in the fruits of own work; tiredness.

Events: necessity to change strategy; bad harvest.

Business: huge investments, minor income; a lot of work and little salary; necessity to change attitude towards the work; inefficient production.

Relationship: dissatisfaction of contemporary relationship; necessity to change something in the relationship; one is putting into the relationship and the another is taking.

Health: nerve exhaustion; physical hunger; non receipt of necessary substances(minerals, vitamins); necessity of supplements and something that strengthens.

Psychological characteristics: person constantly busy; does not have time for rest; oppressed; unsattisfied with his life.

Advice: change your attitude towards the work (activity).

Warning: you shall be not satisfied with the results.

Result: little reward (salary); Result is worse than expected.


SEVEN OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: negligence; constant troubles.

Events: Added too little to be obtained; too little input; minor result.

Business: quite average, either employment; absence of material interest.

Relationship: just flows; is good, let it be.

Health: irresponsible attitude towards health; person does not pay much of attention towards his health .

Psychological characteristics: indifferent person.

Advice: you should be more calm during minor failures; be more indifferent.

Warning: your result may be minor because of lack of interest.

Result: things will develop slowly without your interference.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF PRUDENCE.

General meaning: flow; work; endless work activity.

Events: daily monotonous effort; possibility to start new cycle and pass to a new social level.

Business: conveyer; massive production; well organized production; good and stable salary; big amount of work.

Relationship: regulated as a mechanism; two screws of a car; this relationship is so strong that is is very hard to destroy them; feelings are very minor either they do not exist at all (only respect towards each other).

Health: exhaustion; does not pay attention to health so the work would be finished (even with temperature takes exams and after goes to bed for a long time).

Psychological characteristics: workaholic; person of activity; cannot stay at one place.

Advice: work, work, work.

Warning: do not overwork.

Result: you shall work without quitting.


EIGHT OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: too much of emphasis.

Events: work has depressed you.

Business: there is a risk to mislead a work because of tiredness; undertaking too much of responsibilities may lead to a loss (customer); deterioration of work quality.

Relationship: too much alike to industrial relationship; people in such kind of relationship lose interrelationship; both are too busy with their deeds.

Health: no appreciation for health; constant exhaustion, which causes various problems.

Psychological characteristics: too much of emphasis; lost in a number of deeds.

Advice: Lighten the load; finish as soon as possible everything what you have started.

Warning: you take too much of responsibilities.

Result: work has dragged you in.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF MATERIAL GAIN

General meaning: comfort; safety; protection; standing out from the crowd.

Events: transition to a highest social level.

Business: prosperity; growth; wealth; everything is very good.

Relationship: two very rich people; rich people have their own oddities; if you find oneself in such relationship there is  no way back (it‘s deadly); loneliness in a relationship; rich widowhood.

Health: on high; very expensive treatment.

Psychological characteristics: arrogant man; often squirt; very rich „new russian“ (lithuanian); this person has something different, however he is just a good host or housewife.

Advice: stand out from the crowd; emphasize your individuality.

Warning: do not separate from the nation.

Result: time of great busyness and achievements awaits for you.


NIVE OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: loss of altitude and falling.

Events: loss of status; humiliation;  dropping of level.

Business: low income; decrease of profit; loss of status; loss of title; deterioration, although it is not completely bad

Relationship: loss of respect for partner; drop of partners value in other peoples eyes; separation; relationship is worse than it was before.

Health: previously good, but it looks bad now.

Psychological characteristics: too big apreciation of oneself; or a person is experiencing humiliation inside himself (he/she is being complained about, but he/she is not getting released yet).

Advice: decrease the requirements; requirements for a situation, needs.

Warning: it will be painful to fall from the heights you were at earlier.

Result: fall of overall life level awaits for you.



The name of the card: THE LORD OF WEALTH.

General meaning: overall wealfare; inheritance.

Events: large, concerning family; all activity which remains for inheritors.

Business: large companies; huge income; professions passed on generation from generation; inheritant companies (monopolies, corporations); at worst case – inherited family business; very good specialists and income; trade in minerals (carbon, diamonds, metals).

Relationship: very strong; based on material interest and wealth; visokios various family histories and dinasties.

Health: very good; strong; great heredity.

Psychological characteristics: nobleman; Patriarchs either Matriarchs.

Advice: take up family business; clarify with the family relics and documents; follow the family steps.

Warning: do not cover yourself with family deeds.

Result: time of family welfare; great future awaits you.


TEN OF DISKS turned upside-down


General meaning: attitude is much more material towards everything.

Events: attempts to increase family capital; wish to improve family‘s material situation.

Business: successful; good business structure; conservative business; business is managed according to traditions.

Relationship: family dramas, suffering in a family however can‘t ruin it; strong family bond; material interest is above all; financially justified weddings.

Health: good; strong nomatter age and the heredity is not so good; some heredity diseases.

Psychological characteristics: conservative person; materialist; concrete one; realist.

Advice: resolve the issue in a practical way.

Warning: you got too deep into material things.

Result: increase of family income bothers you most at this time; immovable capital as insurance policy against all disasters.


PAGE OF DISKS (earth-earth)

Psychological characteristics: person providing hopes; talented one; one who has great potential; master of gold hands; perfectly working mind; student; is able to use knowledge in practics.

Events: obtainment of a profession; skills in some activity; improvement of skills and talents.

Business: representatives of financial structures; minor business, having strong fundament, which will develop into large one; has a tendency to develop;sometime development of driving license; sometimes attendance of foreign language courses.

Relationship: birth of strong feelings; Relationship, which has future; everything according to a plan.

Health: not bad; possible problems with blood, veins, tendons, calluses; varicose expansion of veins.

Advice: to learn some handicraft; obtain additional education.

Warning: not to engage in a concrete activity.

Result: you shall be able to speak up, show one‘s abilities.


PAGE OF DISKS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: unreliable person; talented though does not improve oneself.

Events: poor level of education; lack of knowledge.

Business: business loss; light minded attitude towards the activity; oversight of important details; dissipation.

Relationship: unsuccessful; disbalanced

Health: furunculosis; rash, minor infections.

Advice: assess your abilities in a calm way; remember your talents.

Warning: you do not improve yourself; you miss an opportunity to obtain an education.

Result: either you do not know how to speak up for yourseld, either you will do it in a bad way.

KNIGHT OF DISKS (earth-air)

Psychological characteristics: the most reliable and solid from all the knights; slow; patient; calm; grows slowly, but surely.

Events: a solid objective offer and slow approach of events.

Business: reliable; solid; at the beginning of development but already with good recomendations; person who acts wisely; knows where he goes; often the card shows customs.

Relationship: very strong though developing in a slow way.

Health: strong; mighty man.

Advice: move slowly but surely.

Warning: do not stop or slow the process down.

Result: slow but gradual improvements awaits you.


KNIGHT OF DISKS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: a brake; very slow; makes steps in a very slow way; calculated; of slow thinking; he does not hurry anywhere.

Events: approaching very slowly.

Business: approximately after a year will bring some income but for now business is stff, but not dead, later everything will develop faster; tries to act relying on luck; there is some money but not much, there will be more of them but after a year.

Relationship: very conservative; one step forward, two aback; very trustworthy relationship; this relatiomship will end with weddings; necessity to wait for the right time.

Health: person desires to recover that he shall do everything to reach the goal even if the process will take time.

Advice: slow down; hold the matters or even stop them.

Warning: everything almost stagnated.

Result: wait for a permanent time with no events; slow, dragged out process.


QUEEN OF DISKS (earth-water)

Psychological characteristics: the most beautiful from all of Queens; beauty of forms; two female elements in the cards provide the beauty of forms; interesting; woman who takes care of herself; brilliant housewife and manager; wisely generous and self-confident.

Events: creative attitude towards the affair; appropriate design of something.

Business: planned in a very detailed way and very reliable (knitter, tailors, designers); has some features of the Virgo sign.

Relationship: one of the partners is more devoted to another; honest, decent relationship, without hot feelings.

Health: person likes to take care of his health.

Advice: to provide someone/something with the outer beauty.

Warning: you are interested only in your own world.

Result: you shall find some beautiful activity either hobby; you will take care after your appearance.


QUEEN OF DISKS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: rational; practical; parsimonious woman; distrustful; reserved.

Events: engaging only in one’s personal affairs; isolation from other people; outer world does not interest.

Business: very detailed manner of managing the affairs; pettiness; Business is well regulated; money is accumulating.

Relationship: partner lives his own life; nothing interests just welfare; is interested in any kind of the smallest details of behavior either life.

Health: person is too much emphasizing on his health; exaggerated health concern.

Advice: be more attentive in details.

Warning: you put too much emphasize on details that are not worth of attention.

Result: you shall take up some minor works and improve details.


KING OF DISKS (earth-fire)

Psychological characteristics: very bright; large businessman; banker (falls for oligarchs); just a man who has a religion; acknowledged person; successful, self-trusting person; constant.

Events: participation in some large financial projects; great financial care; obtainment of acknowledge.

Business: very constant; as a rule – large one; sometimes shows the owner of business; if card falls to a woman the it denotes her position as a housewife dependent from her husband, and it is 90% that the man is rich.

Relationship: strong, constant; provided with everything; overall satisfaction.

Health: great.

Advice: taste the fruits of your work with satisfactions.

Warning: don‘t fall asleep on laurels.

Result: your life will be full of pleasures; relish.


KING OF DISKS turned upside-down


Psychological characteristics: person satisfied with oneself; will never worry for thing not worth to worry; the world’s belly button; insolent; boss of life; is convinced that he can buy and sell anything.

Events: undeserved success; ability to use others‘ achievements or own good.

Business: corruption; warm place; large bribes; material frustration of subordintes.

Relationship: I give you, you give me.

Health: podagra; salt accumulation; surfeit.

Advice: be more stricked when material questions are being solved.

Warning: you became greedy; you suffer from greediness.

Result: take your penny from everywhere is possible.
1. Which card of The Minor Arcana has a dove on its picture?
A) The Ace of Cups
B) Two of cups
C) Nine of Pentacles
D) Seven of Cups

2. Which card considered the most favorable by the ancient foretallers?
A) Ten of Pentacles
B) The Ace of Pentacles
C) Three of Cups
D) The Ace of Cups

3. Which of the following characteristics is not suitable for the Two of Swords?
A) Alignment of plans with the potential
B) The beginning of study
C) a mutual sympathy
D) seeking opportunities to implement plans

4. Which card will warn of the risk of theft?
A) The Seven of Swords
B) The Two of Pentacles
C) The Five of Wands
D) The Seven of Cups

5. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Three of Pentacles?
A) increase in professional activities
B) The happiness of love
C) development of natural talents
D) work that brings joy

6. What can not symbolize the Ace of Swords?
A) Gust
B) the will and determination
C) the power of intellect to overcome the difficulties
D) the instability and uncertainty

7. What advice can be given by the Two of Cups?
A) integrate the efforts to agree, to make peace
B) to defend own opinion
C) change the partner
D) to change own point of view

8. The Ace of Cups represents:
A) the ideas and ambitions
B) The dreams and imagination
C) Material well-being
D) thinking and organizing activities

9. What kind of stability wants a character of The Four of Pentacles?
A) Economic
B) the emotional
C) a political
D) social

10. About what says the cultivated and manicured garden in the picture of the Ace of Pentacles?
A) The need for a logical approach
B) heavy thankless task
C realization of our plans require diligence
D) the joy of the contemplation of beauty

11.Choose the most suitable name for The Four of Wands
A) rest before the battle
B) The satiety
C) Engagement
D) the first harvest feast

12. The Ace of Wands can not mean
A) creative energy
B) The masculine energy
C) the full satisfaction
D) the beginning of the enterprise

13. Which card of the Major Arcana has parallels with The Two of Pentacles?
A) The Power
B) The Magician
C) Temperance
D) The High Priestess

14. About what warns The Four of Wands?
A) The risk of fraud
B) The risk of an accident
C) You can miss your chance
D) loss of money

15. What advice can be given by The Four of Swords?
A) To modify the behavior strategy
B) Take time out and meditate in solitude
C) Seek support from people
D) necessary of diligence and hard work

16. Which card says about bad premonition?
A) The Five of Pentacles
B) The Three of Swords
C) The Five of Cups
D) The Nine of Swords

17. Which card says about the possibility of receiving a large gift?
A) The Six of Pentacles
B) The Ten of Wands
C) The Two of Cups
D) The Ace of Pentacles

18. Which card is the best expression of joy?
A) The Two of Swords
B) The Four of Pentacles
C) The Three of Cups
D) The Five of Wands

19. Select the most suitable name for the Nine of Swords
A) disorder
B) despair
C) meditation
D) indifference

20. The Two of Pentacles says about:
A) Armistice
B) the variability
C) the development of
D) stop

21. For whom is waiting the character depicted on the Nine of Cups?
A) the arrival of guests
B) The tax office
C) a spiritual mentor
D) lover

22. The Minor Arcana consist of four suits and
A) Numbered cards and courtiers
B) 22 trumps and numbered cards
C) numbered cards from Ace to ten
D) the courtiers cards

23. The four suits correspond with four elements
A) fire water wood metal
B) The fire water air earth
C) air water fire wood
F) water fire earth metal

24. The Aces are not
A) beginning
B) The idea requiring development
C) the purest manifestation of power of his suit
D) successful completion of

25. Which quality is alien to the element of water?
A) adaptation
B) The stability
C) susceptibility
D) passive

26. Which characteristic is excess for all the ten?
A) the development of their own internal capabilities
B) Completion of
C) full disclosure of the ideas embodied in the suit
D) the possibility of reaching a new level of development

27. Which cards are the most active?
A) Tens
B) The Aces
B) Threes
D) Sevens

28. Which element corresponds to the suit of the swords?
A) Air
B) water
C) fire
D) earth

29. The Swords in the ordinary playing cards correspond to the suit of
A) Clubs
B) Worms
C) Peaks
D) diamonds

30.The pentacles in the ordinary playing cards correspond to the suit of
A) Clubs
B) Worms
C) peaks
D) diamonds

31. What can not symbolize the suit of Wands?
A) social implementation
B) work
C) prudence
D) creative implementation

32. What can not symbolize the suit of Cups?
A) pressure
B) the astral world of sensations
С) love affairs
D) kinship

33. Which characteristic is unnecessary for all fives of Tarot?
A) conflict
B) painful changes3
C) the slow development of events
D) transition to a new level

34. What can not symbolize the suit of Pentacles?
A) spontaneity
B) The material requirements
C) the practical benefits
D) reliability

35. Which characteristic is not suitable to the element of fire?
A) Activity
B) egocentricity
C) anarchic
D) the enthusiasm

36. What can not symbolize the suit of Swords?
A) conflicts
B) work on the mental level
C) the administration and management
D) the adoption of important decisions

37 Which characteristic is not suitable to the element of earth?
A) enthusiasm
B) Self-Discipline
C) the ability to wait
D) inertia

38. Which characteristic is unnecessary for all 4 of Tarot ?
A) result-
B) The steady movement
C) attachment to the achievements of
D) stability

39. Which characteristic is unnecessary for all sixes of Tarot?
A) active self-affirmation
B) The balance
C) recovery of harmony
D) compensation for losses that were in the previous five

40. Which characteristic is not suitable to the element of the air
A) impracticality
B) The ease of communication
C) concentration
D) rationality

41. What are the nines of Tarot?
A) a completion
B) The destruction reached at Eight
C) premonition, expectation
D) the active development

42. The key word of the meaning of threes of Tarot is
A) perspective
B) The fatality
C) fight
D) balance

43. The advice of the Ace of Swords is
A) listen to the own feelings
B) declare itself
C) refer to past experience
D) wait

44. Which card will predict the joy, fun, or an invitation to the party?
A) The Six of Cups
B) The Three of Cups
C) The ten of Pentacles
D) The Six of Wands

45 About what will be talking The Nine of cups in the prognostic layout?
A) business trip mission
B) The beginning of study
c) the expectation of a pleasant event, or an invitation to visit
D) the own business establishment

46. Issue connections with past events will show the card
A) The Six of cups
B) The two of Swords
B) The Eight of Pentacles
D) The Six of Swords

47. About what does not say The Two of Swords?
A) postponing the decision
B) doubt and indecision
C) search for inner truth
D) illusions

48. Which card says about family values and Real Estate?
A) The Four of Wands
B) The Four of Pentacles
C) The ten of Pentacles
D) The ten of Cups

49. Which profession can specify The Two of Pentacles?
A) an accountant
B) the teacher
C) the head of
D) the artist

50. What action assumes The Four of Wands?
A) Travel
B) creation
C) Activities
D) the hard work

51. The Seven of Cups says about
A) one realizable chance
B) The lack of opportunities
C) a lot of opportunities
D) predetermination

52. Which card is possible to choose to characterize the friendly parties?
A) The three of Cups
B) The Four of Swords
C) The two of Wands
D) The eight of Pentacles

53. About the birth or emergence of the idea of a company’s, ambitious plan, top of the situation, enthusiasm and initiative says
A) The Six of Cups
B) The Three of Pentacles
C) The Three of Wands
D) The Ace of Wands

54. Which card will warn about the appearance of a conflict situation?
A) The Five of Pentacles
B) The Five of Wands
C) The Three of Swords
D) The Five of Cups

55. What means the Ace of Wands?
A) sudden trouble
B) a fight
C) the creative impulse
D) relaxation

56. What advice can be given by The Ten of Pentacles?
A) refer to the experience of ancestors
B) restrain the emotions
B) stay at home and wait
D) Engage in creative

57. The Five of Wands assumes
A) the unequal struggle
B) An attack from behind the corner
B) the secret intrigues
D) an open clash

58. Which card would characterize a man as a hospitable host?
A) The Nine of Cups
B) The Three of Pentacles
B) The Two of Wands
D) The Four of Swords

59. The Five of Pentacles can mean
A) struggle with the natural hazard
B) move toward the target
B) financial difficulties
D) an evening journey

60. Which characteristic can give The Eight of Swords to a person?
A) bound
B) The joker
B) cheeky
D) Dreamy

61. Which card in the prognostic scenario can point to the old friends?
A) The Six of Wands
B) The Two of Cups
C) The Six of Cups
D) The Five of Wands

62. Which card can talk about the family business?
A) The ten of Pentacles
B) The Six of Cups
C) The Three of Pentacles
D) The Six of Wands

63. Which card of the minor Arcana has on its picture an image of the tree of the Sephiroth?
A) The ten of Pentacles
B) The two of Wands
C) The Ten of Swords
D) The two of Cups

64. As a day card The Three of Swords says about:
A) disorder and unpleasant conversation
B) The stagnation in the affairs of
C) obtaining an important information
D) arriving loved ones

65. Which card can be a signification of a thoughtless person?
A) The Three of Pentacles
B) The Ace of Swords
C) The Three of Cups
D) The Three of swords

66. Which of the aces can mean abundant feast?
A) The Ace of Swords
B) The Ace of Pentacles
C) The Ace of Wands
F) The Ace of Cups

67. Which of the aces portends a great gift ?
A) The Ace of Wands
B) The Ace of Swords
C) The Ace of Pentacles
F) The ace of Cups

68. What combination of cards can mean the loss of documents?
A) The Seven Swords and The two of Pentacles
B) The Six of Pentacles and The Ace of Swords
C) The Eight of Wands and The Ace of Pentacles
D) The four of Cups and The Four of Pentacles

69. The Six of Cups gives an advice
A) to recall old ties
B) to give a bribe
C) do gardening
D) Pay attention to the education of children

70. Which card has more in-depth meditation and introspection?
A) The Four of Wands
B) The four of Cups
B) The Four of Swords
D) The Four of Pentacles

71. The three of what suit means a bad omen?
A) The Three of Wands
B) The Three of Swords
C) The Three of Pentacles
D) The Three of Cups

72. The seven of what suit means dissatisfaction of the results of own work?
A) The Seven of Wands
B) The Seven of Swords
C) The Seven of Cups
D) The Seven of Pentacles

73. Which card says about the stability?
A) The Six of Cups
B) The Two of Wands
C) The ten of Pentacles
D) The Seven of Pentacles

74. The Three of Cups disposes for
A) work
B) fun
C) self-improvement
D) learning

75. Which character among these cards is feeling the most comfortable and happy?
A) The Nine of Wands
B) The Eight of Swords
C) The Four of Pentacles
D) The Nine Of Cups

76. The Four of Cups shows the state of :
A) repletion
B) suspicion
C) contempt
D) disturbance

77. The ten of Wands does not mean
A) a heavy burden
B) The flight in an airplane
C) intractable task
D) nervous overload

78. The Six of Swords can portend about
A) the fishing trip
B) The athletic contest
C) withdrawal from the conflict
D) the return to the past

79. What feeling can describe The six of Cups?
A) nostalgia
B) boredom
C) excitement
D) anger

80. Which card can mean the monotonous work?
A) The Three of Pentacles
B) The Eight of Pentacles
C) The Eight of Wands
D) The Six of Wands

81. Which card has the most people on its picture?
A) The Five of Wands
B) The Five of Cups
C) The Five of Swords
D) The Five of Pentacles

82. Which card will talk about perspective collaboration?
A) The two of Pentacles
B) The Three of Wands
C) The Seven of Swords
D) The Nine of Cups

83. What advice gives The Three of Swords?
A) wait
B) act boldly and decisively
C) Do not be afraid to know something unpleasant about you
D) Consult with your friends

84. Which card will talk about the tough competition?
A) The Seven of Wands
B) The Nine of Wands
C) The Five of Swords
D) The Seven of Swords

85. When we are studying the relationships The Nine of Wands says about
A) the appearance of a rival
B) the disappointment
C) the painful parting
D) the wall of misunderstanding and suspicion

86. Which card warns – ,,Do not miss your chance!”?
A) The Four of cups
B) The Six of Pentacles
C) The Seven of Swords
D) The Ten of wands

87. What event can not be suggested by the Ten of Cups?
A) wedding
B) The great revenue
C) successful completion of the case
D) a harmonious relationship in the family

88. Which card will talk about the presentiment, a bad dream?
A) The Four of Swords
B) The two of Swords
C) The Five of Cups
D) The Nine of Swords

89. Which element’s quality is common to all the kings?
A) Fire
B) water
C) air
D) earth

90. Which card is the most stable?
A) King
B) Queen
C) Page
D) Knight

91. Which actionsencourages The Queen of Wands?
A) spontaneous
B) very cruel
C) well calculated
D) calm

92. Which Queen is the most practical?
A)The Queen of Cups
B) The Queen of Pentacles
C) The Queen of Swords
D) The Queen of Wands

93. The King of Wands warns from
A) authoritarianism
B) financial pressures
C) the cruelty of
D) unnecessary care

94. Which element’s quality is common to all the Queens?
A) Fire
B) water
C) air
D) earth

95. Which King has such a quality as the cruelty and intolerance?
A) The King of Wands
B) The King of Swords
C) The King of Cups
D) The King of Pentacles

96. What is the spiritual manifestation of the King of Pentacles?
A) perception
B) creation
C) an understanding of
D) experience

97. How to describe people’s attitudes if their significator is The Queen of Swords?
A) adventure
B) love to the last drop of blood
C) a haven of peace
D) love according to the calculation

98. Which element’s quality is common to all the Knights ?
A) Fire
B) water
C) air
D) earth

99. The Queen of Pentacles can give the advice :
A) to fight
B) to be initiative
C) to listen to intuition
D) a compound of business with pleasure

100. Which king has the quality of softness?
A) The King of Wands
B) The King of Swords
C) The King of Cups
D) The King of Pentacles

101. Which element’s quality is common to all the Pages
A) Fire
B) water
C) air
D) earth

102. Which king can be called the father?

A) The King of Wands
B) The King of Swords
C) The King of Cups
D) The King of Pentacles

103. Which of the queens is the most caring and loving wife?
A) The Queen of Cups
B) The Queen of Pentacles
C) The Queen of Swords
D) the Queen of Wands

104. Which king has the quality of stability?
A) The King of Wands
B) The King of Swords
C) The King of Cups
D) The King of Pentacles

105. What is the spiritual manifestation of the Queen of Swords?
A) fight for the high idea
B) a desire to make the world happy
C) creative self-realization
D) selfless donation

106. The task of all the Knights is
A) to feel
B) to create
C) to understand and communicate
D) to materialize

107. How to describe people’s attitudes if their significator is the Queen of Wands
A) temperament and bright
B) acute and conflict
C) soft and warm
D) calm and steady

108.. The Negative quality of the Queen of Pentacles is
A) unpredictability
B) inert
C) aggression
D) sentimentality

109. The Queen of Cups is
A) a good mother
B) a good athlete
B) a good intrigante
D) an economical housewife

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