Working with Tarot cards is a fascinating journey into the world of images, symbols, and their study will help to meet your long forgotten wishes and see the path of self-realization in life. Studying cards promotes intuition and intuitive listening, which is often ready to help us in our life.
Possession of divination gives those willing to work in the field of consultancy the following advantages:
-Free schedule
-No limits in earning your salary
-Work with most interesting people and situations
-Ability to work in different countries and with people from different countries

In this section, you will be introduced to theoretical part of the Major Arcana of the Classic Tarot

You’ll learn the meaning of each card in such areas as:
events, relationships, business and work, health, what advice would you give to yourself and others according to cards, and much more.

Exciting way for your knowledge of Tarot!

0 card – THE FOOL
1-The old name: Crocodile.
2-Archetype: child
3 – The astrological point: The air element; Uranium planet (God of the sky).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Alef.



Nr. Position Card position “straight” Card turned over 
1. General meaning Novelty, astonishment, turning over a new leaf, foolishness. Disorder, chaos, foolishness, ignorance, failure.
2. Events Beginning, risky steps, betrayal, new image. Nothing happens, stagnation, hesitation.
3. Business and work(pursuit) Beginning of unknown activity, amateurism, eccentric business methods (circus, fair), unusual way of getting money. Distraction, incompetence, particularly risky business.
4. Relationship Spontaneous, new, romantic. Vainglorious attitude, relationship is very superficial, vanishes in no time.
5. Health Unusual illnesses, there is no fear of heights, careless attitude towards ones health, not diagnosed illnesses. Madness, mild psychological disorders, high risk of various traumas, especially head traumas.
6. Psychological characteristics Light-headed person, without any troubles, playful and joyful, loves life. Apathetic, foolishly naive, no self-control.




To start from the beginning, to risk, do not be afraid, to step into uncertainty.  Do not start or do anything so far.
8. Warning Shadow – irresponsibility, not to make risky moves and reckless actions. Do not stop at the most important moment.
9. Result  Searching for the path, openness to innovations and the beginning of the new period.  You won’t make a step, will be late, new period is not well-timed, you might stay for a fool.


Fool+The Magician – new job, new studies, younger and older brothers.

Fool + The High Priestess – young female lover, new feelings, unexpected victory, winnings.

Fool +The Empress – woman with a child.

Fool +The Emperor – father and a child, new position at work.

Fool +The Hierophant – family feast, minor help.

Fool +Lovers – new love, risky choice, thoughtless choice.

Fool +The Chariot – trip for the weekend, new car.

Fool +Strength – minor conflict.

Fool+Hermit – grandfather and grandson.

Fool +Wheel of Fortune – winnings in the lottery.

Fool +Justice – new conventions, alimony obtainment.

Fool +the Hanged Man – light condition of being drunk, late birth due date.

Fool +Death – crisis, caesarean section, minor traumas.

Fool +Temperance – unit piece of jewelry.

Fool +Devil – minor addiction.

Fool +Tower – new accommodation, minor accident, cloth damage.

Fool +Star – beginning of new love romance, birth.

Fool +Moon – childish fears.

Fool +Sun – child birth.

Fool +Judgement – family values, child’s birthday.

Fool +World – journey abroad, emigration.





1-The old name: illusionist.

2-Archetype: the creator, the heavenly Father.

3 – The astrological point: Mercury (God of an idea and communication).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Beit.

Road: 12 = Kether – Binach.





Card position “straight”

General meaning: Quickness, initiative, resourcefulness, ability to persuade others, luck

Events: Loss, communication with siblings

Business and work: Authority, luck, resolute actions, volitional decisions, initiative employee, studies in the high school

Relationship: Fascination, affection.

Health: Pain, person might be in hospital or is visiting a clinic.

Psychological characteristics: Youthfulness, cognitive process, sociability, creative work, naturality. Ability to concentrate without putting any effort.

Advise: Believe in your abilities, abilities to deal with various problems, don’t stop learning.

Warning: Shadow (the one inside) – liar, manipulator, charlatan

Result: Ability to control destiny, seek for ones goals, realize what is imagined

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Fraud, destructive creation

Events: Anxiety, loss, rift with siblings, failure in the science field.

Business and work: Foolish initiative, inactivity, lack of will

Relationship: Shame.

Health: Mental illness or minor mental illnesses, problems with head, worthless treatment.

Psychological characteristics: Inconsistency, abnormal development, rigidity, rough intercourse.

Advise: Don’t show volition, initiative.

Warning: You might meet a lack of will and consistency while realizing your plans

Result: Disability to finish work.


The Magician+The High Priestess – medicine sphere studies

The Magician+The Empress  – older sister, personal business in beauty sphere

The Magician+The Emperor – new position at work

The Magician+The Hierophant– thesis or diploma defense

The Magician+Lovers – study choice, plans to move to a new job, relationship with relatives

The Magician+The Chariot – journey in order to visit relatives, car merchant

The Magician+Power – energetic treatment, fight between relatives, passionate relationship

The Magician+Hermit – older relative

The Magician+Wheel of Fortune – successful performance, time of negotiation

The Magician+Justice – formation of family juridical papers

The Magician+the Hanged – family disagreement, business stagnation

The Magician+Death – relationship breakdown

The Magician+Sequence – long realization of a plan

The Magician+Devil – hypnosis influence, borrowing from relatives

The Magician+Tower – job in the hospital, house division

The Magician+Star – successful actions, high grade mastery

The Magician+Moon – fear of taking any actions

The Magician+Sun – public appearance

The Magician+World – foreign relative arrival




1-The old name: Temple gates – Occult science on the threshold of the Isis Temple.

2-Archetype: the mystery of female, virgin, Spiritual Bride and Mother.

Heroes, characters: Gnosis (Isis).

3 – The astrological point: Moon (hunt, chastity and goddess of virginity).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Gimel. Shekina – double majesty – bright reflection.

Road: 13 = Keter – Tiphereth.





Card position “straight”

General meaning: Increased sensitivity, medium’s abilities, and hidden factors.

Events: Surprising, unexpected changes of circumstances that were unlooked for, ability to keep secrets.

Business and work: Scientific work, book-keeping, economist, librarian, businessmen

Relationship: Mutual understanding, solicitude, idealization of a partner reason to a period of no sex, lover.

Health: Lives according to rhythm of nature, good health, vague symptoms.

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: inner voice, mystery, reliability, ability to keep secrets.

Advice: Act according to inner voice, believe in intuition

Warning: Don’t go with the tide waiting for a miracle; speak up when the moment is right.

Result: Merge with the former basis, go deep into oneself, pregnancy in the next two months, period – 40 days or a year.

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Sullenness, garrulity, affection.

Events: Sudden and negative change, gossips, slanders.

Business and work: Affair managing without any plan and documentation, street work.

Relationship: Passion, loss of virginity, revenge.

Health: Exaggeration of endeavour, fear of nature and animals

Psychological characteristics: Superficial knowledge, garrulity, whimsicality, distrust in ones abilities.

Advice: Find solution to a problem, reveal a secret

Warning: Do not lose passiveness, don’t destroy harmony

Result: Destruction of the harmony, voiceless intuition, erroneous view on the world structure.


The High Priestess+The Empress – birth of a new love romance

The High Priestess +The Emperor – verification of book-keeping documents, superior’s lover

The High Priestess +The Hierophant – grandmother, family’s secrets

The High Priestess +Lovers – secret lover, unexpected feelings, intuitive choice

The High Priestess +The Chariot – outing, beautiful car, unexpected journey

The High Priestess +Strength – dealing with the extrasensory practice

The High Priestess +Hermit – grandmother, solution to a raised question about pensions

The High Priestess +Wheel of Fortune – encounter with own destiny, unexpected winning

The High Priestess +Justice – work with the book-keeping documents

The High Priestess +the Hanged – crisis, forced disclosure of the information

The High Priestess +Death – crisis, lover becomes wife

The High Priestess +Sequence – diet

The High Priestess +Devil – inner fears, sex meetings

The High Priestess +Tower – flat renovation,  force major

The High Priestess +Star – beauty contests, inner growth

The High Priestess +Moon – trip to the sea

The High Priestess+Sun – pregnancy, cosmetic procedures

The High Priestess+Judgement – unexpected meetings, valuable gifts

Sorcere+World – secret contacts, secret pregnancy



III card –The The Empress, MISTRESS




1-The old name: Isis-Uranium.

2-Archetype: Mother Nature, Heaven’s and Earth’s Daughter.

Heroes, characters: Venus, Demeter, Persephone, Guan-in.

3 – The astrological point: Venus (goddess of love and feelings); period of puberty.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Dalet.

Road: 14 = Chokmah and Binah.


Card position “straight”

General meaning: Growth,pregnancy,comfortable life, beauty, fertility, light, truth.

Events: Changes, achievement of unforeseen goal, controlling of the situation, luck.

Business and work: Creation work, design, cosmetology, manage a household, administration, legal open business, publicity.

Relationship: New acquaintance, ability to love and be loved, tenderness

Health: Living force, longevity.

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: new perception

Advice: Seek for a rich soil, create family (marriage), act creative.

Warning: Avoid surplus however don’t miss a chance.

Result: Life preservation and guardance.

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Infertility,loss, lack of self confidence, loss of authority.

Events: Routine, solution of confused problems, folk festivals, doubtful hobbies and incomes.

Business and work: Unrevealed talents, lack of novelty, hackneyed solution.

Relationship: Pushed away love, loss of interest in the partner, infidelity, marriage break-up.

Health: Minor problems with health.

Psychological characteristics: anger, jammed into a corner.

Advice: Fight for luck, don’t grudge own power.


Warning: : Self-confidence only, roughness, stubbornness

Result:  loss of authority



The Empress+The Emperor – wife and husband

The Empress +The Hierophant – family feast, women’s consultation, bank storage

The Empress +Lovers – strong love, cosmetologist

The Empress +The Chariot – new car acquisition, meeting bringing about marriage, acquaintance with foreigner

The Empress+Strength – regained position, new love

The Empress +Hermit – long lasting loneliness

The Empress +Wheel of Fortune – fatal meeting, salvation of household questions, household chores

The Empress +Justice– signature of some documents related with children

The Empress +the Hanged – to be late, woman is forced to sacrifice her family

The Empress +Death – operation, property division

The Empress +Sequence – acquisition of the real estate

The Empress +Devil – acquisition of the real estate on credit

The Empress +Tower – isolation, divorce

The Empress +Star – cosmetology procedures, acquaintance with a beautiful person

The Empress +Moon – relaxation by the sea

The Empress +Sun – opening of a company, public appearance

The Empress +Judgement –giving birth, birthday

The Empress +World – beginning of long lasting relationship.





1-The old name: cube-shaped stone, Osiris.

2-Archetype: Father who is consulting the world.

3 – The astrological point: Aries (vision). Spring – time of rapid growth and time of renewal of some actions.

4 – Kabbalistic euivalent:

Letter: Cheit.

Road: 15 = Chokmah – Tiphereth.


Card position “straight”

General meaning: order, sequence, practical reason, stability, authority, cause, will

Events: Realization of some plans, visible result, space structuring

Business and work: Stable business, head of high rang, discipline, variety of market organizations and structural markets, state structures.

Relationship: strong, reliable, cherished, domination

Health: stable, not enough movement

Psychological characteristics: consciousness: realization of the ideas and intentions, logical analysis, practical conclusions, management

Advice: Realize your plans firmly and consistently


Warning: Stubborn severity, excessive pedantry and despotism can destroy feelings or  live action

Result: Defense of reached results, guarantee of reliability and order.

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: immaturity, inability to control oneself

Events: Will never come true, collapsing of plans

Business and work: despotism, boredom, corruption, bad leadership, market collapse

Relationship: Obedience to alien power, goodwill, trust

Health: Addiction to alcohol or other drug

Psychological characteristics: A getaway from the reality, self-doubt, emotional outburst

Advice: Fight with disorganization and incompetence

Warning: Self-confidence only, roughness, stubbornness

Result: extreme, non-traditional solution in the traditional situation, disregard of the authorities





The Emperor+The Hierophant – official of high position

The Emperor +Lovers – new creative project

The Emperor +The Chariot – business trip, new capacity

The Emperor +Strength – fight for a particular place, chief, headmaster

The Emperor +Hermit – manager of the insurance company, elderly man

The Emperor +Wheel of Fortune – routine at work

The Emperor +Justice – sittings of the Judgement, signature of business-like documents

The Emperor +the Hanged –loss of position, changes of business strategy

The Emperor +Death – bankruptcy, situation of crisis

The Emperor +Temperance – a stable situation, long-term job

The Emperor +Devil – bank employee

The Emperor +Tower – official of high rank, divorce and property division

The Emperor +Star – promising position, beautiful person

The Emperor +Moon – connections, money “washing”, infidelity with the manager

The Emperor +Sun – known person

The Emperor +World – transnational character




1 –The old name: the Master of Arcanum.

2-Archetype: God’s vicar, sait, Tutor.

3 – The astrological point: Taurus (hearing).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Vav.

Road: 16 = Chokmah and Chesed.


Card position “straight”

General meaning: Conservative attitude, good advice, education (highest most common), family, clan, kin, religion, tradition

Events: Implied subject, obtainment of valuable advice, marriage, christening, religious and family values and feasts

Business and work: Folk craft, hereditary professions, business that requires traditional attitude, old-fashioned attitude, taking into account the human factor at work

Relationship: Legal marriage, Church marriage, union, traditional relationship as parental, constant, time-tested, family blessed

Health: Regular standard procedures or  methods of treatment, old-fashioned treatment using verified tools

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: search of meaning of life and discovering, authority, sensible, fair

Advice: Ask for an advice from sage, authoritative people; act as usual, as admissible

Warning: Don’t be too proud of what you have achieved,  never be a fanatic of truth, don’t listen to wrong advices

Result: Deep inner trust in oneself as the result of belief in the highest aim

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Unusual solution to a problem, non-standard attitude

Events: experiment, inadequate behavior willingness to act according to unchecked methods, refusal of advices

Business and work: Counterfeiting of religious goods and antique, loss of traditional technologies and recipes

Relationship: cohabitation, non-traditional relationship, a scandal in the family that respects traditions, inconstant homosexual relationship

Health: Latest or experimental methods of treatment, attempt to treat oneself using untraditional methods, violation of normal state

Psychological characteristics: weakness, too much of kindness, immorality, no conscience, criminal or false authority

Advice: Listen to nobody, act on the contrary to traditions, break boundaries

Warning: Threat that traditional attitude won’t be followed, a threat of conflict between children and their parents, you might get into a wrong influence under some religion or tradition

Result: extreme, non-traditional solution in the traditional situation, disregard of the authorities




The Hierophant+Lovers – a loving family, choice between family and beloved one

The Hierophant+The Chariot – growth of authority, journey in order to visit relatives

The Hierophant+Strength – fight in the family, authority, prophet

The Hierophant+Hermit – the older member of the family, manager of the insurance company, teacher

The Hierophant+Wheel of Fortune– successful consultation, timely help

The Hierophant+Justice – lawyer

The Hierophant+the Hanged – spiritual crisis

The Hierophant+Sequency – teacher in the teaching institution, family of strong bond

The Hierophant+Death – divorce, separation

The Hierophant+Devil – professional adviser

The Hierophant+Tower – politician of great importance, divorce

The Hierophant+Star – searches of meaning, programmer-consultant

The Hierophant+Moon – deception in the family, infidelity

The Hierophant+Sun – famous adviser, recognition in the society

The Hierophant+World – transnational character of great importance



6 card – LOVERS


1-The old name: two paths.

2-Archetype: choice, Eros.

3 – The astrological point: Gemini (subjugation, as well….)

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Zayin.

Road: 17 = Binah – Tiphereth. Raphael – Archangel of East and Air, soul doctor.




Card position “straight”

General meaning: Right choice, partnership, attraction, love, beauty

Events: Suggestion to choose, gathering with the choice, solution to the awkward situation

Business and work: advertisement, beauty industry, marriage agencies, work one is fond of, matured project

Relationship: The joy of communication, clarity of the choice, admission, unity, blessed from above

Health: Well-being depends on the spiritual state, well-being after the proper selection of treatment

Psychological characteristics: Understanding of ones individuality, ability to adopt the right decision

Advice: Find a common language with a partner, make up ones mind, show oneself

Warning: Do not rush to make a choice, fear of double-dealers, indecision, choice might be wrong

Result: Merge of oppositions. You shall make up your mind and choose wisely, you will choose love

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Wrong choice, being late, infidelity

Events: Marriage collapse, end of love, divorce/separation, situation without a way out

Business and work: Show business, disliked job, black technologies

Relationship: Unreliable relationship between partners, sorrow, inability to improve relationship, divorce/separation, trauma of former communications, inability to trust

Health: problems, inappropriate treatment, bad well-being, slowly developing processes, veneral diseases

Psychological characteristics: Inability to solve problems, wandering around

Advice: Choice refusal, let the circumstance make the decision

Warning: Difficulties while adopting the solution; too slow adoption of the decision

Result: Solution will not be accepted, solution can be wrong



Lovers+The Chariot – right choice, determined marrying

Lovers+Strength – choice made under the pressure

Lovers +Hermit – one who can love only one person

Lovers +Wheel of Fortune – unforgettable relationship

Lovers +Justice – official registration of a relationship

Lovers +the Hanged – forced choice, unwished choice

Lovers +Death – end of the infidelity

Lovers+Temperance – living with two families, decision that requires some time

Lovers +Devil – sexual seductions

Lovers +Tower – divorce/separation

Lovers +Star – new love, creative project, exhibitions

Lovers +Moon – fear to make a choice

Lovers +Sun – happy relationship, public relationship

Lovers +World– foreign partner





1-The old name: Osiris’s The Chariot.

2-Archetype: beginning of feats, solution, escape to the outer world.

3 – The astrological point: Cancer (speech).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Cheit.

Road: 18 = Binah and Geburah.



Card position “straight”

General meaning: courage, self-confidence, desire of new experiences, luck, career, businessman’s spirit, wish to risk, popularity, war, triumph, revenge

Events: Journey, triumph, glory, journey to the foreign country, parcel delivery

Business and work: New job or position, own business; business-trips, transport, drivers, transportations, car marketing

Relationship: New acquaintance, new stream; dynamic, sweet relationship, tending towards consolidation, bright, fortunate

Health: Recovery, great health, victory against the illness

Psychological characteristics: Self-confidence; bent for aggression, very strong extrasensory, strong intuition, troubles with working in group, work from 8 to 17 constrains them a lot, any restriction. People of this kind have to know the final goal, and decide themselves the form of achievement

Advice: Take control of affairs without any delay or second thought

Trust in oneself and ones forces

Warning: If you don’t know how to do it – don’t do it at all

Result: „treasure discovery, liberation of a beauty“, aggressive relationship will lead to marriage, new work during the journey, aim will be reached quicker through a journey


Card turned upside-down

General meaning: defeat, stagnation, captivity, end of luck, end of popularity, evil fame

Events: Rough and unsafe movement, sluggish, attack, an elephant in a crystal shop, stopping, loss, failed trip

Business and work: Unsuccessful risk, temporary stopping during the development process, unwillingness, suspended journey, risk of an accident

Relationship: Stopped sequence of events, break ups,  relationship leading nowhere, attempt to make them better make only worse

Health: Disappointment in the treatment, hypodynamia, bed rest necessity, apathy, condition with no changes

Psychological characteristics: Fear of criticism, its better not to stand out, one who can’t refuse or very cruel despot

Advice: Be more modest; the calmer you drive the further you get

Warning: Fear of rough actions from  an ambush and loss of the control of situation

Result: Refusal to go further, inadequate modesty or rudeness as a defensive reaction



The Chariot+Strength – new relationship, sultry way of searching for a solution during the conflict

The Chariot +Hermit – permanent business trip

The Chariot +Wheel of Fortune – periodic trips, determined and fortune car purchase

The Chariot +Justice – official registration of a vehicle, examination of papers in the road

The Chariot +the Hanged – car breakdown, be delayed on the trip, river transport driver

The Chariot +Death – breakdown on the road, extreme journey, skiing

The Chariot+Sequence –long-term journey

The Chariot+Devil – theft of a vehicle or a breakdown

The Chariot+Tower– car accident, dismissal from office, soldier

The Chariot +Star – marriage, long-awaited proposal

The Chariot+Moon – cruise, trip to the sea

The Chariot +Sun – reaching for recognition

The Chariot+World – trip to the foreign country, emigration





1-The old name: tamed lion.

2-Archetype: wild power, battle with the Dragon.

3 – The astrological point: Lion (taste) – love and wise diversion of will. Appeal to magic for help (love).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Teit – „fur for wine“, simple letter that matches Lion.

Road: 19 = Chesed and Geburah – consciousness of all spiritual beings and all actions (deeds).

Maxim: know thyself.




Card position “straight”

General meaning: courage, vitality, energy, interest, authority, great opportunities, action, endurance

Events: Force situation to obey to ones will, show power of ones anger or untimely wishes, right actions

Business and work: energetic, power structures, main companies, power, the leading link, conveyor, organization of the thesis, luck

Relationship: passion, implementation of wishes, strong bright feelings, one person subordinate to another, drama, for a man – open passion, for woman – sex

Health: Great various energetic practice and self-regulation, person can defeat illness with his own strength

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: original thinking, rapidness of thinking, charisma; will, self-confidence, knows how to use ones abilities


Advice: Show up, prepare for a battle, totally devote to a favorite job, affair or beloved


Warning: Extreme pitch awaits for you; don’t overestimate one forces, don’t break down; don’t use only force

Result: Perception and transformation of low incentive,  you shall reach your aim



Card turned upside-down


General meaning: irresponsibility, abuse of power, relationship problems, weakness

Events: Work not according to the strength, uncontrollable situation, inhumane acts, aggression

Business and work: Inability to control, uncontrollable ploy, accidents in the large objects, irresponsibility, cruelty of the business development methods’, price competition

Relationship: Tired from a constant fights in a relationship, lack of interest in a relationship, coolness in the sensibilities, recession, cruelty, conflict with oneself, conflict with the family

Health: Illness has won, helplessness, muscle sprain, tendon breakdown, blood pressure spikes, karmic illnesses, ones health manipulation

Psychological characteristics: Suspicious uncontrollable fears, can be psychological either physical victim of abuse, diffident, coward

Advice: Don’t go va bank, refrain, show sage fear, „assume“, be diplomat


Warning: Blind fury that can lead to explosion; ambitions of a million and the result is worth only 1 cent; you may lose the battle

Result: Comprehend or not (voluntary or involuntary) misunderstandings, shame, weakness in the situation, situation will reveal your blind spots



Strength + Hermit – powerful manager, owner of the personal enterprise

Strength+Wheel of Fortune – fatal events

Strength+Justice – fight in the Judgment, official registration of a relationship

Strength+the Hanged – increased pressure, inner crisis

Strength+Death – physical injuries

Strength+Sequence – life in a harmony, diet

Strength+Devil – physical addiction, drug addiction or drunkenness

Strength+Tower – physical injuries

Strength+Star – spiritual growth, beginning of a permanent relationship

Strength+Moon – physical ailment, inherent fears

Strength+Sun – occupation of the high capacity, gymkhana

Strength+Judgement – renewal of a relationship

Strength+World – receipt of a recognition, smooth journey


9 card – THE HERMIT (MONK)



1-The old name: suspended lamp.

2-Archetype: inner guide, the old Sage.

3 – The astrological point: Virgo (junction).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Yod (wrist), simple letter that matches Virgo sign; during the day with the fire; „Road to thyself“, Ur: „Road to thyself“.

Road: 20 = Chesed (Chesed or Gdola) and Tiphereth – Pervasive mind.





Card position “straight”

General meaning: Loneliness, asceticism, going out from the world to oneself, esoteric, wisdom, reticence.

Events: Presence in the solitude, cogitations, getting deep into oneself, concentration, independent actions

Business and work: Personal enterprise, own business path, inner reserves, decrease in the production losses, unique craft experts, elaborate business, custom work, piece articles

Relationship: loner, difficult relationship, no emotions, long solitude, widowhood, love to only one person.

Health: Pay close attention to the bones, spine and state of mind (spirit)

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: freedom from the alien attitude system; learning from the mistakes of others, elderly person


Advice: Go your own way, become yourself, stay alone for a while, follow doctor’s advices


Warning: Shadow: putting too much emphasis on something, gloominess, anger, do not isolate oneself from the outer world, satisfaction of oneself and environment

Result: Go your own way, be yourself, do not rush

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Undue insurance, interest in the outer world, isolation,inability to understand obious matters; fear

Events: Exiting the shadow, end of solitude, false reticence, inability to stay in solitude

Business and work: inadequacy of the market, necessity to start mass production, business out of order, non-demanded goods

Relationship: Widowhood „shallow“ relationship, solitude has to end soon

Health: Unwillingness to see the cause of an illness, the ambiguity of the diagnosis, endless worries due to illness

Psychological characteristics: Unfounded prudence, fear of solitude, fears, complex of low self-assessment

Advice: Hide, disguise yourself


Warning: Avoid frivolous attitude towards the work, self-underestimation, violence of personal space

Result: Start your own way, listen to thyself, search of new paths to reach people



Hermit+Wheel of Fortune – encounter after a long solitude

Hermit +Justice – long-term agreements

Hermit +the Hanged – forced solitude

Hermit +Death –crisis, drunkenness, life-threatening combination

Hermit +Sequence – permanent solitude, work of one capacity

Hermit +Devil – permanent addiction to drugs and alcohol, long-term credit

Hermit +Tower – house construction, credits, imprisonment, hospital

Hermit +Star – finding of a purpose

Hermit +Moon – business trip for a month

Hermit +Sun – going out

Hermit +Judgment – inheritance receipt

Hermit + World – going out across the world, business-trip to the foreign country





1-The old name: Sphinx.

2-Archetype: destiny.

3 – The astrological point: Jupiter

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Kaf – „palm“, astral letter matches Jupiter.

Road: 21 = Chesed or Gdola and Netzach – Conciliatory Mind.




Card position “straight”

General meaning: Key decisions and actions, awards and opportunities, fortune, destiny grace, individual karma, events

Events: Unexpected changes or events, fluke, whirl of events, fortune

Business and work: bazaar, market, high turnover, great orders, fast profit, gambling business, seasonal business, business, dependent on natural factors, routine

Relationship: It’s destiny, sudden, bright, memorable

Health: Unexpected illnesses, fast recovery, epidemics

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: perception of the Supreme Law, calmly accepts what destiny sends

Advice: Acknowledge your destiny, allow to happen what is meant, talk to occultists, use the opportunity

Warning: Do not be a fatalist, don’t stop, don’t wait for the grace of the fate

Result: Transformation from the lowest to the highest; period of luck

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Recession, negative karma, luck loss, delay, disturbing, the collapse of the old problems

Events: Repeated recession, repetitive events, failure, daily worries, losses

Business and work: Stagnation of affairs, failure, untimely start, stop of turnover or decrease of its level, old goods and the impossibility to realize them.

Relationship: The end is coming up, there is no motion in the development of a relationship

Health: Slow recovery, fears, power recession

Psychological characteristics: Repetition of the old mistake, inability to see positive things, destructive thinking

Advice: Learn to see positiveness in any situation

Warning: shadow: fatality, loss of the fire of life, fear of tomorrow

Result: Period of various events, it’s better to pay attention to them



Wheel of Fortune+Justice – winning of the Judgment

Wheel of Fortune +the Hanged – hard times

Wheel of Fortune +Death – natural disasters

Wheel of Fortune +Temperance– sequence of neutral events

Wheel of Fortune +Devil – winning in the lottery or casino, dependency from the outer situation

Wheel of Fortune +Tower – long-term imprisonment, work in a state institution

Wheel of Fortune +Star – lucky incident

Wheel of Fortune + Moon –flood, periodic fears

Wheel of Fortune + Sun – office occupation, trip to the resort

Wheel of Fortune +Judgment – revival of the past relationship, meeting with an old friend

Wheel of Fortune +World – emigration


11 card – JUSTICE

Karmic card


1-The old name: Themis, Libra and sword.

2-Archetype: destiny.

3 – The astrological point: Libra (action, work).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Lamed, „hornlet“(plow unit), simple letter matching Libra sign.

Road: 22 = Geburah (Gvura or Pachad) and Tephereth – the Mind of ones who are Right.



Card positon “straight”

General meaning: equality, truth , general occurrence of law primacy (justice) , maintenance, clarity, wise decision

Events: Confronting with the consequences of the previous actions, positive solution, award reception, litigation

Business and work: Law enforcement agencies, contractual obligations, penalties, damage compensation, receipt according to merits, antimonopoly laws, equal competitive conditions, divorce and wealth division. Correct distribution of money. Solving juridical issues dealing with property and money, fortune will be on your side, because justice is on your side. In some cases monetary compensation will have to be paid. Try to get money trough honest means.

At work as never you will need honesty, endurance and orderliness. It is necessary to divide work and responsibility to equal parts. Problems solved, tension slackened

Relationship: equality, the balance of power, calm, legitimize, official divorce and wealth division, harmony, attraction to opposite type person

Health: Result of improper lifestyle and bad habits, formal diagnosis, specific diagnosis

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: sober, practical approach, considering solutions, objective self-assessment, inner principles, person having business-like abilities, mature and experienced person

Advice: To look soberly and objectively at an affair, responsibly

Warning: Avoid preconception and  formalism

Result: Objective knowledge, thoughtful approach, reception according to merits (not more not less), you shall make a formal agreement, try to acquire balance in all areas of life

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: injustice, predestination, surfeit, disbalance

Events: Incorrect verdict, troubles with the document formation, criminal case, loss of honor, injustice

Business and work: Problems with education, antipode between work and relaxation, belief in infallibility, injustice, default, judicial mistakes

Relationship: fate, injustice, disharmony, karma, that was meant to be, distrust, no feelings, envy , constant control

Health: Health aggravation, wrong diagnosis

Psychological characteristics: Antipode of mind and feelings, unfair self-assessment, suspicion, fear, feeling of guilt, fear of being punished for sins

Advice: Listen to your soul’s wish to grow and change, free yourself from preconception, don’t judge and you won’t be judged

Warning: You don’t believe in your rightness, you lack inner power

Result: Undue resentment, disharmony, punishment, collision of works and plans, time of great challenges



Justice+The Fool – alimony, defeat in the Judgement

Justice +The Magician – education at the Faculty of Law, successful official registration of some documents

Justice +The High Priestess – accounting records, delayed decision

Justice +The Empress – successful defense, company establishment, management of documents related to children

Justice +The Emperor – official, judge, Judgment, notarial document registration

Justice +The Hierophant – lawyer, legal advice

Justice +Lovers – right decision, official registration of a relationship, Palace of Marriages

Justice +The Chariot – car purchase, fines for violation of the rules

Justice +Strength – battle in the Judgment, won case

Justice +Hermit – experienced lawyer, long process

Justice +Wheel of Fortune – fortunate document signing, timely registration

Justice +the Hanged – defeat, forced signing of the contract

Justice +Death– end of the trial

Justice +Temperance – long process of the registration of the real estate

Justice +Devil – deceptive contract

Justice +Tower – imprisonment, judicial proceedings, purchase/sell of the real estate, divorce

Justice + Star – a fateful decision

Justice +Moon– fraud with documents

Justice +Sun – marriage contract, fortunate contracts

Justice +Judgment – official legacy registration

Justice +World – official registration of the real estate





12 card – THE HANGED MAN



1-The old name: victim, drowned person.

2-Archetype: victim, captivity.

3 – The astrological point: water element (planet Neptune – God of the Sea). Woman’s uterus as a symbol of birth.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Mem – „water“, maternal letter, water element. Sacrifice of purification and salvation; water – illusions.

Road: 23 = Geburah (Gvura, Pachad) and Hod – the Seeking Mind. Devotion doesn’t require sacrifice.




Card position “straight”

General meaning: challenges, sacrifice, prudence, intuition, sagacity, isolation, prophecy, meditation, visualization, clairvoyant

Events: Hopeless situation, noose awaits, falling into the trap, going deep into events; alcoholism, drug addiction, arrest

Business and work: arrest, basic business, underground works, work in a shelf, production losses, output drop, stagnation, sticking in one’s problems

Relationship: Inevitably status quo will be held out,       drags one another, forced relationship, victim, reject unsatisfactory relationship, change something, sensual, dreamy, romantic, do not be afraid to be yourself

Health: Suffering, illness, psychics, light addiction, autism, depression, blood pressure, stroke , suffering from a spiritual either mental pain

Psychological characteristics: consciousness: penetration into the essence of things, new attitude, strong inner power, delicate person who is able to penetrate the essence of things

Advice: Change your attitude, arm oneself with patience

Warning: It’s useless to hold on to the past; don’t try to speed up events especially using force: it will get only worse; may other people’s interests never be above or below yours.

Result: Going into the situation, necessity to live it down, you will have to abdicate something, you will flounder in the old problems

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Incomprehension, reluctance to grow up. Pride, egoism, self-love, materialism. Crowd, clairvoyant, wants to remain as a child, reluctance to make decisions

Events: Alcohol and drug addiction (severe form), inability to control one’s emotions

Business and work: Immaturity of attitudes, misunderstanding of the situation, shallow attitude, pity (person is very sorry for oneself) speculation (negative denial), carelessly do work

Relationship: Requirement of one’s by any means, manipulation, despair; choice of any partner, the first person who comes across  without paying attention to his character; instead of looking for ones path you will hold on to your former relationship; one night sex (king of scepters, henchman)

Health: Death either recovery

Psychological characteristics: conservatism and narrowness of thinking, shamefulness (excessive timidity, restriction), experience of hard times

Advice: Imagine you were in a position of beloved, love yourself very much


Warning: For the improvement of the situation self-love can be great obstacle, self-deception

Result: Perception, changes in life, liberation; it’s not as bad as it seems: situation has to be looked over; ploys will work out according to destiny though result will let you down: you will be hoping for one but as a result get another.



The Hanged+The Fool – delayed childbirth

The Hanged+The Magician – difficulties in communicating with relatives

The Hanged+The High Priestess – inner crisis

The Hanged+The Empress – a way out from a difficult situation

The Hanged+The Emperor – dismissal from the capacity

The Hanged +The Hierophant – spiritual changes

The Hanged +Lovers – forced partnership, difficulties in taking some solutions

The Hanged +The Chariot – delayed trip

The Hanged +Strength – inner fight, increased pressure

The Hanged +Hermit – meditations, health problems of the elderly relative

The Hanged +Wheel of Fortune – positive changes of destiny, going out of the crisis

The Hanged +Justice – delay, document delay

The Hanged +Death – crisis

The Hanged +Sequence – compulsory restrictions, arrest

The Hanged +Devil– permanent drinking

The Hanged +Tower – detention, redundancy

The Hanged +Star – reorientation, goals review

The Hanged +Moon – alcohol usage

The Hanged +Sun – delayed childbirth

The Hanged +Judgment – liberation from a hard situation

The Hanged +World – exiting spiritual crisis, complete acquittal




13 card – DEATH


1-The old name: scythe.

2- Archetype: divergence, death.

3  – The astrological point: Scorpio (movement) – traditional Zodiac sign identified with death.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Nun, letter-hieroglyph, ancient root – fish (snake); simple letter that matches Scorpio sign.

Road: 24 = Tiphereth and Netzach – imaginative sense.





Card position “straight”

General meaning: The end, mortality, destruction, recession, exhaustion

Events: divergence, beginning of something new, overhaul, purification from enchantment, loss of the source of the money

Business and work: Business closure, previous career crisis, labour quitting, great losses or  trade break down, plastic surgery, dumps

Relationship: End of the break up with partner, category, renewed relationship

Health: Improvement after a crisis, ability to regenerate, enchantment, removal of bewitchment

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: perception that nothing is eternal under the Sun, category, responsibility, prone to aggression, fear of death


Advice: Let go what is old, let it be finished so new could begin

Warning: Don’t make any steps leading nowhere, don’t be categorical, don’t destroy everything around you, don’t make any steps that have no perspectives

Result: exit, giving space for what is new, sometimes this card renders person who has connection with death and revival i.e.: restorer, surgeon, or priest conducting funeral ceremonies


Card turned upside-down

General meaning: inaction, inertia, dream, lethargy, stoniness, fear of changes

Events: Hope downfall, negative changes, disorder, unnecessary affairs

Business and work: bankruptcy proceedings, bankrupt, external controller, resuscitation, protracted crisis

Relationship: Long agony in a relationship, unnecessary affection, wrong attitude towards the leaving of a close person

Health: illness, low eneregtics, if illness has prolonged then improvement appears

Psychological characteristics: fears, resistance to changes, fear of responsibility, phobia

Advice: Endure the situation, wait for the right time, ignore

Warning: Don’t stretch rubber, don’t cut slice by slice

Result: Situation isn’t finished, situation will never finish



Death+The Fool – tattoo, piercing

Death+The High Priestess – wedding, lovers

Death+The Empress – child abandoning home

Death+The Emperor – transition to a new position

Death+The Hierophant – the elderly family member is having a crisis

Death+Lovers – divorce, divergence

Death+The Chariot – car breakdown or maintenance

Death+Strength – injuries

Death+Hermit – end of loneliness

Death+Wheel of Fortune – end of lucky period

Death+Justice – a defeat in a Judgement

Death+the Hanged – crisis

Death+Devil – crisis

Death+Tower – mass redundancies, injury

Death+Star – apartment reppairs

Death+Moon – emotional crisis

Death+Sun – Caesarean section, plastic surgery

Death+Judgement – solution to a critical situation

Death+World – health crisis, unrealized journey




1 The old name: genius of sun and two Hindu.

2-Archetype: the golden mean, harmony.

3 – The astrological point: Sagittarius (anger) and Virgo. Any art is magic, alchemical marriage. Outer space is controlled by self-control and self-sacrifice. Planets – Mercury and Proserpine, house 6.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Samekh, reference value, pillar. Simple letter that matches Sagittarius sign.

Road: 25 = Tiphereth and Yesod – Mind of Challenges and Tempations. Archangel Michael („the one like God“ or „ corresponding to the god “), archangel of fire and south.





Card position “straight””

General meaning: thrift, retention, management; tranquility, suitable moderation, peace, stability, accommodation , renewal of spiritual and physical strength

Events: Long events, constrained actions, imprisonment, restrictions, persistence, experience accumulation

Business and work: with the sword’s 7 – tranquiller life), art, beauty industry, homeopathy, pharmacology, watch industry, perfumery, computer production

Relationship: constant, long lasting, slowly developing, without any passion, casual,        according to the rules; love devoted to oneself and others, love and commitment, love will bring peace and tranquility.

Health: Limited mobility, slow process; good health either slow recovery, recovery

Psychological characteristics: consciousness: coherent thinking, searching for the golden mean, slow person, perceptive, tranquiller, punctual, he helps to solve the conflicts

Advice: To find the golden mean, try to find various experience, wait out

Warning: Don’t waist time, don’t go in to useless work; don’t do anything carelessly,  Do not engage in the pleasures of the moment

Result: peace, recovery, choice of the right moment, affair will drag on

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Determined however wrong act, two deeds simultaneously, wrong attitude towards life and people

Events: Unreasonable behavior, breach of rules, escape, attempt to speed up events; inconsistency, laziness

Business and work: Breach of terms, defects, business growth range, too big thrift, local network, computer viruses, excessive punctuality

Relationship: desire to revitalize the relationship, total stagnation, weakening over the years; extremist; competition of some interests, shallow

Health: Healthy and active person, fever, sleep disorders, unconventional mode

Psychological characteristics: variable, hesitant

Advice: refrain from sudden and reckless behaviors

Warning: Impatient and irritable person will create confusion around him

Result: Wrong timing, relationship without any changes, everything will happen faster then expected




Temperance+The Fool – prolonged journey

Temperance+The Magician – permanent education

Temperance+The High Priestess – practicing of alternative medicine

Temperance+The Empress – accommodation purchase

Temperance+The Emperor – permanent position

Temperance+ The Hierophant – thesis preparation

Temperance+Lovers – love triangle, long lasting events

Temperance+The Chariot – long lasting journey

Temperance+Strength – limited abilities

Temperance+Hermit – permanent solitude

Temperance+Wheel of Fortune – speeding up of events, long waited luck

Temperance+Justice – long process

Temperance+the Hanged – prolonged situation

Temperance+Death – stopping of a long process

Temperance+Devil – bank credits

Temperance+ Tower – acquisition of a real estate

Temperance+Star – permanent plans, perspective job

Temperance+Moon – cruise

Temperance +Sun – fortunate career

Temperance+Judgement – escape out of frames

Temperance+World – emigration, accommodation receipt


15 card–DEVIL


1-The old name: Typhon.

2-Archetype: the dark side, seductions, evil, sin.

3 – The astrological point: Capricon (mirth, laugh). Create, no matter what people say.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Ayin – „eye“, „well“, „source“. Simple letter matching the Capricon sign.

Road: 26 = Tiphereth and Hod – Mind bringing up-to-date.




Card position “straight”

General meaning: power, perish, special efforts, cruelty, blindness, weakness, materiality, destiny

Events: Huge arrears, addiction, attraction, criminal case, illegal actions, treachery

Business and work: Dependency in some matters, dirty money, money laundering, criminal business; systemic management, apparent employment, production harmful for health, waste, environmental pollution, career illnesses

Relationship: emotional, material, sexual dependency; voluptuousness, curvature, passions

Health: High temperature, consequences of bad habits; sepsis, surfeit

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: encountering with own shadow; advisor who has a great life experience, it can show black extrasensory or person who works with negative energy

Advice: Do not become addictive, do not lend or borrow, don’t entangle in doubtful commitment

Warning: Fear of temptations, see a doctor, avoid easy money or paths, do not judge things only by their exterior

Result: authority, manipulation of others; coercion, efforts, force, destiny, catastrophe

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: recovery, brainstorm, liberation; liberation from anxiety

Events: Addiction to bad habits, debauchery, attempt to free from particular addiction, oppression

Business and work: Liberation from addiction, debt, affection, criminal case, total downfall (together with a bad card)

Relationship: Liberation from dependency, recusancy, sexual curvature, coercion, pornography

Health: Weakened health, rash, organism after illness, loss of strength

Psychological characteristics: pettiness, blindness, cynic, improvidence, you might have felt spark of God’s blessedness

Advice: Do not abuse authority; don’t manipulate people

Warning: Do not manipulate people; overcoming low incentives, leaving the shadow

Result: Evil fate, weakness; conquest of fears, you are not controlling events, events are controlling you



Devil+the Hanged – alcohol abuse

Devil +Death – crisis

Devil+Temperance – bank credits

Devil+Tower – bank loans, bewitchment, theft

Devil+Star – computer breakdown

Devil+Moon – alcohol abuse

Devil+Sun – great profit

Devil+Judgement – receipt of a bit amount of money, liberation from addiction

Devil +World – temptation, journey abroad



16 card – TOWER (GOD’S HOUSE)

1-The old name: razed tower (shelter), war.

2-Archetype: destruction, earthquake, catastrophe. Tower of Babel.

3 – the astrological point: Mars (god of war). Planet – Uranium.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Pei („mouth“), astral letter corresponding to Mars.

Road: 27 = Netzach and Hod – Moving Mind.





Card position “straight”

General meaning: Disappointment, resentfulness, fraud, coming apart, destruction, imprisonment, collapse, accident

Events: „explosion of a bomb“, accident, redundancy, scandal; bankruptcy (conceptive as well), liberation

Business and work: force major (insuperable force), downfall, accident, failed expectations and plans, redundancy, loss of position, impeachment, construction business

Relationship: furious, bitter, cruel, hierarchical, strong sexual attraction

Health: shock, heart attack, a swipe, loss of consciousness, decline of personality

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: fail of an idea of great importance, sudden brainstorm

Advice: Take all possible precautions, don’t be a dreamer, go down to the ground, don’t lose your head

Warning: Dangerous time awaits, hairpin, blow on health; you are lost, avoid unjustifiable risk

Result: Eruption to the freedom

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Mental recession, downfall of illusions and dramatic changes; crisis can be adjusted

Events: Secret agreement, illegal construction, natural phenomena caused artificially, assassination; imprisonment; natural disasters

Business and work: Destruction of a competitor,mental recession, accident with happy ending

Relationship: Weakening of sexual attraction, reconciliation in a much lower level, after stormy discussions

Health: madness, fake patient, rapid overcoming of an illness, death from an accident, neurosis

Psychological characteristics: Fear of downfall, syndrome of unhappy childhood, completely alone

Advice: Break away from own or others egoism and ignorance traps

Warning: Do not fear of misfortune, don’t attach to the result

Result: nsufficient preparation to conquer obstacle, expectancy of appreciation for well done work



Tower +Fool – minor troubles, injured child

Tower +The Magician – fights with relatives, divorce, hospital treatment

Tower + The High Priestess – energetic decline

Tower +The Empress – divergence, acquisition of an apartment

Tower +The Emperor – clerk of a high rank

Tower +The Hierophants – divorce, educational institution

Tower +Lovers – sudden divergence

Tower +The Chariot – accident

Tower +Strength – illness

Tower + Hermit – obtainment of insurance rebate, elderly person’s illness

Tower + Wheel of Fortune – natural disasters

Tower +Justice – arrest, Judgement hearing, divorce

Tower + the Hanged – arrest, involuntary termination of employment

Tower +Death – car accident, illness

Tower +Devil – credit

Tower +Star – liberation from the limitations

Tower +Moon – troubles in the water

Tower +Sun – perspective idea

Tower +Judgment – acquitted sentence, extrication, release from prison

Tower +World – acquisition of an apartment


17 card – STAR


1-The old name: the star of Magi.

2-Archetype: alive water, hope.

3 — The astrological point: Aquarius (meditation and idea). Planet Saturn, Uranium.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Tzadei (jewish alphabet)– „hook“, „sharpness“, simple letter (Aries). According to Crowley– Che.

Road: 28 = Netzach and Yesod – Consolidating Mind.



Card position “straight”

General meaning: hope, great perspective, loss, need, future, assurance on the day of tomorrow, talents

Events: Long preparation, necessary procedures, strict order and Temperance  of neutral events, discovery of a new attitude towards things

Business and work: fortune, perspective activity, computer equipment, software supply, dietology, Alternative Medicine, job with a long-term perspective

Relationship Blissful future with the bright future; comprehend, spiritual, delicate, extol, new friend, no sexual relationship

Health: : Renewed body, second breath, recovery after a tough illness, good physical health, may be depression

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: view extension, new perspectives, knows how to make good use of freedom of choice, inner liberty

Advice: Believe in your luck and future; reach for high aims, be open to innovations

Warning: Don’t live in dreams about future, so you wouldn’t lose today’s chance; don’t bring together the ends of everything to the bodily origin

Result: Trust in outer space, inspiring goal

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: doubts, absence of perspective, failure; downfall of hopes and talents;

Events: unclear procedures, poor and lifeless feasts, full of pathos official style, „brainwash“

Business and work: failure, impossible plans, program closure, the absence of data, exhaustion

Relationship: Mercantil, practical, utilitarian; unethical behavior, pride, insincere, deceptive

Health: Long-drawn-out treatment, hysteria, hopeless condition, an incurable chronic disease

Psychological characteristics: Bad self-assessment, feelings blockade, mask, fear of being oneself

Advice: Ask for a wise advice,  leave empty hopes, be more practical

Warning: Difficult times are coming up; downfall of hopes

Result: Loss of self-confidence


Star+ Fool – child’s initiation

Star+The Magician – right actions

Star+The High Priestess – creative inspiration

Star+The Empress – visits to a cosmetologist or beauty salon

Star+The Emperor – new perspective position, meeting with partner

Star+The Hierophant – high recognition

Star+Lovers – new love

Star+The Chariot – right direction, trendy car

Star+Strength– organism purification

Star+Hermit – meditations

Star+ Justice – perspective contract

Star+ the Hanged – living in a dream

Star+Death – plastic surgery

Star+Devil – sexual attraction, high level of creative skills

Star+ Tower – disastrous dreams

Star+Moon – fear of realization of a plan

Star+Sun – child birth

Star+Judgement – realization of a dream

Star+World – moving out/migration



18 card         – MOON


1-The old name: twilight.

2-Archetype: night, kingdom of darkness.

3 – The astrological point: Pisces (dream). Planet Moon. Sun in the 7th house.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Kaf – „eyelet“ (of a needle), root „tossing, milling (backwards)“, simple letter corresponding to the Pisces sign.

Road: 29 = Netzach and Malkuth – Bodily Mind.



General meaning: Secret enemies, danger, darkness, deception, gossips, occult forces, fickleness, prophetic dreams, fear

Events: Irreversible losses, fermentation, congestion, deception, treachery

Business and work: Occult business, night works, risky operations, dangerous career categories, huge monetary flow, contraband, illegal tourism

Relationship: Disappointment, expectancy, insincerity, duality, hypocrisy, solitude


Health: Procedures of purging are necessary, tissue density (tumor), precipitate on the partition of an intestine, fears, drug addiction

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: growth of the forces of subconsciousness, inner anxiety, carefulness, reticence, apparent lack of confidence

Advice: Don’t be afraid, follow in someone’s footsteps, don’t lie, reduce wave but stay on the flow, don’t diverge from a collective, guard trade secrets

Warning: Don’t stay alone with difficulties, don’t shrink into oneself, you are being cheated, don’t wander in the dark, don’t go into world of illusions and hallucinations

Result: Deepness of self perception, gossips, mistakes

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Illusions, hallucinations, disappointment; an end to disgrace, instability

Events: Secret complicates events, hidden processes

Business and work: Illegal business categories, regression in the ploy, crowd, influence on a strapping business, small cog in a big company

Relationship: Total reticence and illegality, opacity, sincere love and concern, misapprehension and difficulties in a relationship with mother

Health: Sanity illnesses, manias, exaggerated enthusiasm, fear of people, obtrusive state, menstruate cycle disorders

Psychological characteristics: Enlarged sensitivity

Advice: Dream and create

Warning: Disinclination to go forwards, you don’t solve problems that have to be solved

Result: deception, mistakes in trivialities



Moon+Fool – trip to the seaside

Moon+The Magician – deception of a close person, no self-confidence

Moon+The High Priestess – immersion in oneself

Moon+The Empress – gossip

Moon+The Emperor – management fraud

Moon+The Hierophant – communication with mother

Moon+Lovers – secret meetings

Moon+The Chariot – trip to the seaside

Moon+Strength – water resource

Moon+Hermit– lonely woman, document falsification

Moon+Wheel of Fortune – flood, repetitive situation from the past

Moon+Justice – document falsification

Moon+ the Hanged – alcohol abuse

Moon +Death – emotional crisis

Moon+Sequency– emotional harmony

Moon+Devil – fraud, emotional and alcohol addiction

Moon+Tower – swindle, flood

Moon+Star – victory against doubts

Moon+Sun – emotional rise

Moon+Judgement – meeting with mother or grandmother

Moon+World – voyage


19 card SUN



1-The old name: bright light.

2-Archetype: day, kingdom of light.

3 – the astrological point: Sun (god of pleasures and riches).

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Reish („head“ or „beginning“), astral letter (Sun).

Road: 30 = Hod and Yesod – Generic Mind.



Card position “straight”

General meaning: Material wealth, fortunate (happy) marriage, vitality, satisfaction, warmth

Events: luck, clearing up, open actions, the emergence of new opportunities, influx of energy

Business and work: Abound in the market, gold rush, alcohol business, festivities, prestige relaxation, horse trade

Relationship: Kindness, warmth, reconciliation, forgiveness, frankness, self-sufficiency, trust, wish to show oneself and though it is empty however it is attracting attention

Health: Sun burn, sunstroke, energy, strong health, female alcoholism

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: reveal of the Real I, person who no matter what will reach his goal, individuality

Advice: Try to set to work with optimism and joy to life

Warning: Don’t overestimate your power, don’t be naive, commonplace or carefree, don’t get sun burned „giddiness with achievements“, greediness

Result: Liberation from the dark / darkness defeat; full realization of personality, total safety

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: boastfulness, egoism, innocence; defeat, emptiness

Events: False announcement about the luck, achievement of misleading aims, inappropriate actions

Business and work: Empty appearance, alcoholism, exaggerated diligence, boastfulness, return to childhood, sacredness

Relationship: Cannot independently deal with problems, unfortunate marriage or love bond, party, empty, without any idea, boastfulness

Health: laziness, apathy, alcoholism

Psychological characteristics: Fear to act and loss

Advice: Ask for help

Warning: All who will try to change situation to the better will be disturbed by your cowardliness, pessimism and mind narrowness

Result: Marginal material wealth



Sun+ The Fool– bright appearance, child birth

Sun+The Magician – talent recognition

Sun+The High Priestess – jewelry purchase

Sun+The Empress – child birth, opening of a beauty salon

Sun+The Emperor – high rank obtainment

Sun+The Hierophant – popularity

Sun+ Lovers – love confession

Sun+The Chariot – bright career, prestige car

Sun+Strength  – bright victory

Sun+Hermit – known specialist

Sun+Wheel of Fortune – huge success

Sun+Justice – victory in the Judgement

Sun+the Hanged – three day long alcohol abuse

Sun+Death – plastic surgery

Sun+ Temperance– equitable actions

Sun+Devil – big money

Sun+Tower – blow on the head

Sun+Star – fortunate actions

Sun+Moon– fight between mind and feelings

Sun+Judgement – child birth

Sun+World – worldwide known person


20 card – JUDGEMENT (RESURRECTION-eternity)


1-The old name: revival of the dead ones.

2-Archetype: rising from the dust Phoenix, treasure discovery, liberation, magical kiss.

3  – The astrological point: element of fire (that burns all obstacles). Planet Pluto (god of the inner fire). Jupiter/uranium harmonizes with the sun.

4 – Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Shin – tooth, fang (of an animal), corresponds to the fire element. Maternal letter of the alphabet. Archangel Gabriel – „God’s force“, archangel of the water and the West.



Card position “straight”

General meaning: Change of a situation, renewal, way out (out of situation), solution, resurrection, revival

Events: judgment, final decision, salvation, lucky end, start everything from the beginning

Business and work: Revival of the former business, property issues, family business, treasure discovery, fact disclosure, renovation, museums, historic memorials, recovery, jewelry

Relationship: Real union (in every sense), forgiveness, relative, close, fraternal; or divergence, loss of a relationship

Health: Helpful medicine, remission, recovery, good heredity

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: puberty, comprehension, freedom, strain to hold on to own emotions and avert to the past

Advice: Believe that solution of a problem is near; ask relatives for help

Warning: Don’t forget relatives, family members; your roots are struck down

Result: Liberation from the previous destiny (karma)

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: Self-deception, self-limiting

Events: Refusal to take advantage of ones authority while solving serious problem; repetition of the past mistakes

Business and work: Useless efforts, tough family bond, treachery of a close one, absence of perspectives

Relationship: Inability to give freedom or relent; apparent reconciliation; hit own so others would fear; familiarity, imposed friendship

Health: Incurable disease, medicine helps however doesn’t cure, slow recovery, bad heredity

Psychological characteristics: Fear of changes, pusillanimity, simplicity

Advice: It’s time to change

Warning: Leaving mellowed changes aside, which conscience’s voice is requiring, you are putting oneself into a stagnant swamp

Result: Decision, sentence



Judgement +The Fool – discovery of minor values, birthday

Judgement +Magician – return of a close person

Judgement +The High Priestess – revival of love

Judgement +The Empress – marriage

Judgement +The Emperor – restoration to office

Judgement +The Hierophant – family council

Judgement +Lovers – marriage

Judgement +The Chariot – relative advent

Judgement +Strength – recovery

Judgement +Hermit – divergence

Judgement +Wheel of Fortune – destiny change to the better

Judgement + Justice – property division, receipt of inheritance

Judgement +the Hanged – suspended sentence

Judgement +Death – crisis

Judgement +Devil – great values

Judgement +Tower – divergence, property division

Judgement +Star – revival of a dream, revealed talents

Judgement +Moon – jewelry theft

Judgement +Sun – child birth or birthday

Judgement +World – great inheritance



21 card – WORLD (CIRCLE OF TIME – universe)



1-The old name: The Magicians’ crown, The Magicians’ wreath, Cosmos.

2-Archetype: the coronation of a hero, run to earth paradise.

3 – The astrological point: Saturn (prohibition, god of night and underworld). Jupiter in the sign of Pisces.

4– Kabbalistic equivalent:

Letter: Tav, astral letter corresponding to Saturn.

Road: 32 = Yezod and Malkuth – Controlling Mind.



Card position “straight”

General meaning: Guaranteed luck, extra compensation, place interchange, inertia, constancy, harmony

Events: Happy end, end of a journey, management of the customs procedures, trip to abroad, pomp, degree conferment, triumph

Business and work: Acquisition of a recognition, discovery of own purpose, end of work, finishing project, handling in object, thesis defense

Relationship: pride, conceit, divergence (75-85 %), joy, harmony; strong union (25%), agreement, bliss; sexual relationship with amount of partners, divorce

Health: pregnancy, virginity loss, ambiguous feeling, venereal disease

Psychological characteristics: Consciousness: reaching of a total comprehension, peace, patience, endurance

Advice: Don’t be conceit, be simpler, don’t enforce own advices


Warning: You are too conceit; after reaching goal don’t lay on laurel, concentrate

Result: Restoration of former integrity; emigration; new level of consciousness, bliss in love and friendship

Card turned upside-down

General meaning: immovability, disappearance of a determination to fight

Events: Drowning of a new built ship, lowered into the water, too risky step, retirement, death

Business and work: Wrong steps, loss of interest in an activity, apparent reconciliation

Relationship: conceit, ignorance, denial, leaving to all four sides

Health: Uterus illnesses, overseas disease

Psychological characteristics: laziness, determination, egoism; inability to accept oneself as one is

Advice: Overcome inner obstacles

Warning: You are not taking last step

Result: Partial victory; end of spiritual work denoted to understand world and oneself




World +The Fool – child’s trip abroad

World +The Magician – presentation

World +The High Priestess – secret information

World +The Empress– new relationship

World +The Emperor – international character

World +The Hierophant – worldwide recognition

World +Lovers – number of love romances

World +The Chariot – trip abroad

World +Strength – rally

World +Hermit – retirement

World +Wheel of Fortune – change of residence

World + Justice – peaceful settlement of disputes

World + the Hanged – forced deferment of a trip

World +Death – crisis

World +Sequence – end of a long term project

World + Devil –sex meetings

World +Tower– foreign subsidiary

World +Star – aircraft construction

World +Moon – resort by the sea, infidelity

World +Sun – worldwide recognition

World+Judgement– receipt of inheritance
1-How many of the Major Arcana are in a classic Tarot?

2-Is the Empress
a young girl
an old woman
mature woman

3-What definition is not suitable to describe the situation of Arcanum 3-Lovers:
Which of the following meanings is not suitable to describe the situation of the Arcanum of the Lovers:
Choosing a Way
desire to please
starting a new business

4-Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Fool?
extravagant man
inclined to teach and give advice
independent in his judgments

5. What cannot represent the Arcanum of The Hierophant?
tolerance for others’ opinion
intellectual development

6. The Arcanum of the Hermit is never interpreted as:

7. Describe the card of Empress in terms of marital status.
It may be a card of :
8.  Which characteristic is not suitable for the card of Strength:
cope with difficulties
spiritual courage
an unexpected gift

What place can not specify the Arcanum of  the Chariot:
railway station
Which card can forbid continuing future telling?
The Fool
The High Priestess
The Hierophant

Which characteristic is not suitable for  the Arcanum of the Magician?

Which characteristic is not suitable for the card of the Hierophant?
inclined to philosophize
opened to new knowledge
the moral authority
a person of pure beliefs

13. What advice can be given by the Arcanum of the Magician:
to act in a team
to act independently
remain in the former positions

14. What place can not specify the Arcanum of the Moon:
blooming Garden
mental hospital

15. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the High Priestess:
The presence of mystery
The Inner Voice
Completion of the complicated case

16. The Empress is traditionally…
sits on the throne
reclines on the sofa
rides in a swing

17. Which character is the most mobile  among the cards?
the fool
the magician
The empress

18.Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Star:
long-run prospects
successful completion of

19.  Another name of the Empress is:
The universe

20. The usual interpretation of the Arcanum of the Emperor:
Getting Started

21. What is doing the Hierophant on the picture with two pilgrims?
condemns them
Devote to the mysteries
propose a riddle

22.Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of Wheel of Fortune:
Changes for the better
traditional nature
A new round in the study issue
Good luck in risky business

23. Which of the descriptions of women are not suited to the Arcanum of the Empress:
Authoritative and influential
Dreamy and delicate
The friendly and ready to help
Performs the role of maternal

24. Which of the descriptions of men are not suited to the Arcanum of the Emperor:
With a strong will
A born leader

25. What place can not specify the Arcanum of Tower:
mountain peaks
dense forest

26. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of Death:
forced changes

27. Interpretation of Arcanum of Justice includes the concept:
Higher equity

28. Which card warns of the dangers:
The high Priestess
The Magician
The Tower

29. What word has never been used for the title of the Fifth Arcanum:
The owner of Arcana
The Hierophant

30. What advice can be given by the Arcanum of the Star?
change the environment
Trust and hope
Overcome your fear

31.  Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of Justice:
Search for justice
Interaction with public authorities

32. Traditionally, the Magician on the first Arcanum picture looks like :
A young man
an Old Man
A man of indeterminate age

33. Which profession can not specify the Arcanum of Justice:
Tax inspector

34. What advice can give the card of Death:
Listen to your feelings
leave with the same ideas
Rely on case

35. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Magician:
Keeping the situation under control

36. Which characteristic of an individual by the Arcanum of Justice is odd:
Authoritative leader
Based only on facts

37. Which card symbolizes youth:
The Magician
The World
The Emperor
The Hermit

38. Which of the cards represents maturity:
The Fool
The Emperor
The High Priestess

39. Which of the cards symbolizes an old age:
The Lovers
The Magician
Wheel of Fortune
The Hermit

40. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Sun:
Great stamina

41. Which event can not show the Twelfth Arcanum:
The coup of the entire system of values
Enforcement of duty to the detriment of their interests
Successful completion of

42. Which description of a person is not suitable by the Arcanum of the Emperor
Authoritarian men

43. What will not happen if will drop the card  of The Star?
Romantic attitude toward life
Remote execution of desires
Long-term planning

44. Which card will indicate the delay?
The Hanged man
The high priestess
The Devil

45. The Arcanum of the Sun is never interpreted as:
Fulfillment of a wish
Childbirth and care about him

46. Which card can represent a teacher?
The Magician
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Hermit

47. Which card will indicate the force majeure?
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged man
The Tower
The Moon

48. Which of these concepts is incompatible with the interpretation of the Arcanum of Temperance?

49. The interpretation of the Arcanum of The Fool does not include the concept of :

50. Which of these interpretations did not fit to the card of Sixteen Arcanum of the Tarot?
Moving to a new home
A secret enemy

51 In the mythology The Arcanum of the Fool appropriates character as
The hero-lover
God of Thunder

52. What is the another name of the inverted pentagram?
Star of David
Star of the Magicians
Goat of Mendes

53. The Circle of the Wheel of Fortune is a symbolic representation of
Zodiacal circle
Circle of interest
Wedding ring

54. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of Judgment
Return to old cases
The implementation of long-standing plans
Opening of the “second wind”

55. The Emperor placed the wand
In the right hand
In the left hand
On knees
on The belt

56. The Arcanum of the Chariot may indicate:
The court hearing
The upcoming road
Receipt of money
Practicing karma

57. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of Temperance:
Slow transformation
Get active

58. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Moon:

59. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of Lovers:
The joy of communication
The importance of choosing

60. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Chariot :

61. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Tower:
Karmic strike
Severe illness

62. Which Arcanum may indicate problems with the tax authorities?
The Emperor
The Hierophant

63. Which card can be chosen as the signification of a student?
The Fool
The Magician
The Hermit
The Hanged man

64. The Arcanum of Judgment has never interpreted as:
Violent death
People, relatives
An important conversation

65. Which card indicates the great length of events in time?
The Wheel of Fortune
The Moon
The World

66. Which card may indicate the legal profession?
The High Priestess
The Hermit

67. When was first published Rider-Waite Tarot deck?

68. The Arcanum of the Moon never has the interpretation:
The clarity of the way
The path through the sea, ocean or to the sea, ocean

69. Which of the following is not included in the set of interpretations of the Fifteenth Arcanum?
Secret knowledge

70. What connects two people on either side of the figure of the devil?
Flower garland
Mobius strip

71. Which card shows unexpected changes?
The Chariot
Wheel of Fortune

72. Which card will indicate the legitimate consequences of previous events?
The Hierophant

73. Which of these concepts are not compatible with the Arcanum of Death?
Frozen form

74.Which card will indicate the crisis state of client?
The Hermit
The Lovers
The Star

75. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Sun:
happy implementation
Clarifying the issue
Creative energy

76. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the World:
Relationship with foreign partners
Achieving the goal of
Fame, recognition

77. As a geometric symbol the Arcanum of the Emperor can be attributed to:
Cube or square

78. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Hermit:
Vigorous activity
Search for Wisdom

79. What advice can not give the Arcanum of the World:
Beware of hidden enemies
Leave the country
To restore the original integrity
Complete the important work

80. Which characteristic is not suitable for the Arcanum of the Devil
The dark side of personality

81. A geometric symbol of the Arcanum of the Lovers is:


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