This course will give not only general information about numerology, but also a precise, specific and captivating information and skills to better understand yourselves and your wishes, to work out relationships with others and much more.
After this course, you will be able to understand yourselves and your beloved ones . Knowing your true inborn qualities, you will be able to refuse making unrealistic plans without wasting your strength, energy and time, but use them for the inborn skills development. And accordingly to see results. Training will disperse doubts about the right chosen activities direction and the information will help to get out the best of the abilities in life.
Most of you will see in yourself those things you never notice, will quit playing someone’s role, which as a result does nothing but gives just disappointment.
The course contains several parts.
1- Analysis of personality, social area (professional propensity and talents; who you are in a team; executive; manager, independent professional, what kind creation is right just for you). What type of people you meet will influence your life events. Personality part – personality structure, your principle of interaction with your surroundings. Hidden ancestral family scenarios influencing your life, health and success.
This part gives a clear classification of different types of people and their relationships. Very few systems can be used for quick determination of personality, what to expect from him/her and possible perspectives of your relationship. Sooner or later, everything will reveal, but it takes some time. Think of how much time was waisted on unsuccessful relationship and after meeting someone else we discover in a while the same qualities as our ex-partner had. You get to understand if this is karma or same mistake because of lack of knowledge, what drives us to look for a second half and why certain people appear in our life and how to correct all that.
Relationship numerology is not limited only to the existing relations between the partners. In this part of numerology you will learn how our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers relationships influence our well-being in a relationship, as their influence on us does not stop even after they pass away.
Relationships with children
In this part of numerology you will learn new things about your children, their talents, character, how do they get to know this world, how to build a relationship with them, how not to impose on them your own vision of the world, what are the most suitable professions for them. Also you will learn what are the distinctive skills of children born in 80s, 90s and what qualities got children born starting from 2000 y.

Numerological calendar
A system that allows to know the most important years in the life, what is it necessary to pay an attention for and when, successful days for making purchases, sales, establishing a business, dating, travel, time when is it better not to risk.
This numerological system has no analogues in Lithuania and can be used not only as a tool for self-development, finding the most suitable partner, but also it might be useful for recruitment services, dating agencies, business and psychology.

Course duration : 4 months
Fee : 100 EUR per month
For more detailed information, please contact
tel +370 61633111