Shipping & Delivery

1. All goods are shipped by mail or by DPD courier service.
2. Exact price of goods, delivery fee and good’s quantity is indicated in the order list approved by the Seller. Delivery time in Lithuania is usually 10 days. Delivery time outside Lithuania depends on the courier service in another country.
3.At the time of delivered goods, Buyer is obliged to check the condition of the parcel, quantity, quality and good’s assortment.
4.If delivered parcel was determined as damaged, but without any discrepancy of good’s quantity, quality, assortment, the Buyer must notify about the condition of damaged parcel in the present Seller’s document.
5.If good’s quantity and /or quality and/or assortment do not comply, the Buyer should not accept the parcel with good(-s). In this case, the Seller or the courier together with the Buyer has to fill in a form of non-conforming goods, in which indicates the incompliance and damage.
6. When parcel of goods is accepted and good’s delivery document about damaged parcel is signed, it is considered that the goods are delivered, but good’s quantity, quality, assortment corresponds purchase and sales agreement terms, additional services marked on the delivery document are duly completed .
7.After the Buyer has accepted parcel of goods and signed on the delivery document without any remarks, it is considered that goods were delivered undamaged, and good’s quantity, quality, assortment corresponds purchase and sales agreement terms, additional services marked on the delivery document are duly completed.
8. After the goods are delivered to indicated Buyer’s address, it is considered that the goods are delivered to the Buyer, regardless of whether the goods actually accepts the Buyer or any other person who has the goods accepted under indicated address. If on scheduled delivery date the goods are not delivered, the Buyer immediately, but not later than the day after the scheduled date of delivery, shall notify the Seller. Otherwise, the buyer loses the right to express Seller requirements related to failed goods delivery or delayed delivery.

Return policy

Consumers purchased goods are returned in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, 2001 y., 17th August. Minister of the Economy No. 258 “Rules approval on the returned and exchanged goods”.

1. If the Buyer refuses to accept the goods, they can be returned back at the Seller’s expense and money for purchased goods to be returned to the Buyer within 14 calendar days after the Buyer’s written notification to return goods, with a condition that the item is returned to the Seller.
2.The goods should be returned in the original packaging together with the goods documents (including warranty card, if it was provided). Returned goods must be accompanied by a VAT invoice.
3.It is Buyer’s responsibility properly to assemble and package goods for returning. If the good (s) are not properly packed, the Seller does not accept returned goods.
4.The goods are not accepted back if they have been used and (or) have been damaged and (or) lost it’s visual appearance (the good(s) or its packaging appearance changes that were necessary in order to inspect the goods are not considered as essential changes in appearance).
5.In case if delivered items do not meet the quality requirements, the Buyer shall use these contacts for further assitance:, +370 615 24 288.